250Gb PS3 Slim Bundles

250Gb PS3 bundles confirmed, detailed, priced

SCE UK’s confirmed a line-up of 250Gb PS3 bundles for the UK, priced £284.99. From October 1, a choice of soft bundles containing either two Platinum titles or inFamous will be available. On October 16, this range will be expanded to include an Uncharted 2 bundle. Finally, October 19 will see the launch of a […]

10 years ago

250Gb PS3 Slim Bundles headlines

  • Rumor: Another UK retailer confirms 250Gb PS3 Slim Bundle

    Another retailer in the UK has confirmed to Eurogamer that consumers can soon expect a 250Gb PS3 Slim Bundle, going to far as to call it a “definite for October”. The source, who asked to remain nameless, said its suppliers didn’t know “which game or games will be combined with the console”, but that Sony […]

    10 years ago