2.17 Firmware

GT5 Prologue net code included in 2.17 PS3 firmware

Net code for GT5 Prologue was included in last week’s 2.17 PS3 firmware update, we’re reliably informed, although we weren’t’ given specifics as to what the code does, if complimentary code is going to appear on the game’s disc, or any other details. We’ll look for clarification on this today. GT5 Prologue releases on March […]

12 years ago

2.17 Firmware headlines

  • Latest PS3 firmware update allows PS2 installs

    According to this, the PS3 2.17 firmware upgrade allows users to install PS2 games to their hard drives. “According to the Japanese PlayStation website, the latest firmware patch also allows users to install PlayStation 2 games to the hard drive,” says the piece. “We’ve contacted Sony to confirm this.”Update: As pointed out in the comments, […]

    12 years ago