No 360 price cut or 60Gb machine in the UK, says Microsoft

Spong’s reporting that Microsoft’s confirmed that announced changes to 360 strategy in the US won’t make it to the UK.“The 60GB Xbox 360 and the 20GB clearance sale are for the US only,” said a rep. “We have not announced any changes in Xbox 360 offerings or pricing in Europe.”Hardly shocking, but there we are.

12 years ago

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  • Microsoft confirms 60Gb 360, price cut for 20Gb model

    Microsoft’s confirmed the long-rumoured 60Gb Xbox 360 SKU for the US, as well as officially announcing a price cut for the current 20Gb machine.The 60Gb console will ship in “early August,” according to the press release, and is priced at $349.The 20Gb SKU has now dropped $50 to $299, and is to be available “while […]

    12 years ago
  • 60Gb 360 rumoured, Pachter spits in its puny face

    In a story that started here, Microsoft is being rumoured as looking at releasing a 60Gb Xbox 360 SKU and dropping the 20Gb package this summer in the US.“Dates are not nailed down, but my source says Microsoft wants it done and dusted before the end of its financial year which translates as our Q2,” […]

    13 years ago