2012 News Retrospective

2012 in news: December sees THQ sold, Phantom Pain

December wrapped up last year with THQ’s sale, the VGAs and a ton of Wii U dates. Head below for the twelfth and final part of our round-up of last year’s news.

2012 News Retrospective headlines

  • 2012 in news: November gets Wii U launch, big hitters

    Wii U, Halo 4, Black Ops 2 and Far Cry 3 releases dominated November, after which the core industry started dropping news on GTA 5 and Mass Effect 4. Get the eleventh part of our 2012 news retrospective below.

  • 2012 in news: October hosts Dishonored and Doritos

    October marked the proper start of 2012’s release season, while Wii U and Halo 4 geared for launch. And there was something about Doritos. Get the tenth part of our retrospective of last year’s news below.

  • 2012 in news: Wii U's launch detailed in September

    September saw Nintendo enter the final stages of Wii U’s launch, TGS appear and vanish with barely a whimper and doctors Ray and Greg quit BioWare. Head below for the ninth part of our 2012 news retrospective.

  • 2012 in news: Sony's gamescom lights up August

    Gamescom led August’s headlines, but highs (Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes) and lows (the closure of Studio Liverpool) vied for attention. Head below for the eighth part of our 2012 news retrospective.

  • 2012 in news: July and the great Gaikai sale

    Sony bought Gaikai for $380 million in July, as everyone tried to ignore their E3 hangovers and look forward to gamescom. Head down for the seventh part of our 2012 news retrospective.

  • 2012 in news: June gets E3 and the Lara rape debacle

    E3 2012 would prove to be solid and depressing, with Crystal Dynamics dropping itself into the year’s greatest PR disaster with some grandiose misinformationing related to Tomb Raider.

  • 2012 in news: May sees Diablo III release, E3 hype

    May was all about Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, E3, Diablo III, Max Payne 3, 38 Studios going bust and Danny Bilson leaving THQ. Get the fifth part of our 2012 news retrospective right here.

  • 2012 in news: April sees E3 mentions, Walking Dead

    April 2012 was a slow month marked by the first mentions of E3 press conferences, Sony’s continuing struggle, the ramping up of Diablo III and the virtually unnoticed release of the first episode of Telltales’ The Walking Dead.

  • 2012 in news: March and the great GAME disaster

    March saw GAME reach the end of everyone’s tether, Mass Effect 3 launch and Geohot get busted for pot. Get the third part of our month-by-month 2012 games news retrospective below.

  • 2012 in news: February sees Vita launch, GAME collapse

    February 2012 saw the launch of Vita in the US and Europe, the true extent of GAME’s disastrous situation in the UK and Double Fine’s game-changing Kickstarter. Head below for the second part of our look at 2012’s news.

  • 2012 in news: January ruled by SWTOR, next-gen

    This year started off with Star Wars: The Old Republic’s lurching to life, some feverish next-gen rumouring and Sony prepping Vita’s western launch. Get the first of our monthly retrospectives for 2012 below.