1up, GameSpy shut down by Ziff-Davis, IGN suffers layoffs

Ziff-Davis recently purchased IGN and all its properties, which includes 1up, GameSpy and UGO, and today they’ve set about restructuring the whole place, leaving behind many casualties.

1up headlines

  • IGN to be sold to Ziff Davis' parent company - report

    News Corp. is in the process of closing a deal with Ziff Davis over the sale of IGN, according to All Things Digital.

  • Layoffs confirmed at IGN and 1UP, IGN Responds

    It’s always sad to see our fellow members  of the press leave their respective outlets, and today is no exception.

  • GameSpy kicks off 101 Free Games of 2012

    GameSpy has gone live with the first part of a 101 Free Games of 2012 feature. RPG, adventure and strategy games are offered in this initial round up, with puzzle and arcade due tomorrow; sidescrollers, platformers, versus battlers and WTF will follow. It’s also got links to previous year’s offerings, courtesy of recently-adopted sister site […]

  • Future US, IGN hit with lay-offs

    It’s being reported that both Future’s US arm and IGN have been hit with lay-offs. At least five people have been let go from Future due to the company reorganising its games and technology groups, according to Folio. At IGN, least four staffers there have been let go, according to Gama, with UGO.com also affected. […]

  • UGO and 1UP now officially part of IGN Entertainment

    News Corporation has officially announced its acquisition of Hearst’s UGO Entertainment.

  • Report: IGN acquiring 1UP parent company UGO

    The beautiful snowflakes of games media just got a tiny bit less diverse. IGN has apparently snapped up UGO Networks, the parent company of 1UP, amid talk the former is set to split from its own parent, News Corp.

  • 1UP takes on six top Street Fighter IV players

    1UP and six of the top Street Fighter IV players from Northern and Southern California had a match over at the Hearst offices last night. They live-streamed it, have no fear if you missed out. It’ll be posted on GameVideos come Monday. The top Street Fighter IV players shared their match and characters strategies, and […]

  • UGO boss on 1UP: "We really have largely left it alone"

    After news broke yesterday of Ziff Davies quitting the industry for good, and 1UP being bought out by UGO amid a round of redundancies, J Moses, CEO of the UGO Entertainment told MTV that he feels the criticism of UGOs treatment of 1UP and its staff is unfounded. “We really have largely left it alone,” […]

  • Ziff Davis quits, EGM closed, 1UP sold

    It emerged last night that industry veteran Ziff Davis Media and Publishing has quit the business altogether, whilst magazine EGM has closed, and website 1UP sold has been to UGO. “The transaction allows us to pay down debt and shift our full focus to our core PCMag Digital Network business,” Ziff Davis CEO Jason Young […]

  • Joystiq: UGO to buy 1UP.com

    This Joystiq report claims that UGO is in “very advanced talks” to buy many of Ziff Davis’s games sites, including 1UP, GameVideos and MyCheats. 1UP Network editorial staff were reportedly informed of the potential sale in a meeting on Tuesday. UGO execs will reportedly be flying out to meet with the Ziff staff as soon […]

  • New Resident Evil 5 trailer released tonight

    1UP’s posting a new Resident Evil 5 trailer from Tokyo Game Show this evening, releasing the footage at 5pm PST, or 1am BST. “While we don’t want to give away too many details before the video is up, trust when we say that Resident Evil fans will want to be paying attention, as this includes […]

  • 1UP giving away 2,000 LBP beta keys next week

    According to this 1UP page, the site’s giving away 2,000 LittleBigPlanet beta keys next week. Details are going to be posted here on Monday, so if you didn’t get one already you know where to look next.

  • Rage held back for 360? NO, says Willits, caps lock on

    Seems there was a bit of a scuffle overnight regarding an id Rage talk at Austin GDC. A 1UP story reported that: id Software lead designer Tim Willits the developer is cutting back on the amount of content they would have liked to include in their upcoming shooter Rage. The main reason for limiting the […]

  • First Gears of War 2 gameplay footage tomorrow

    1UP will post the first video of Gears of War 2 gameplay tomorrow, the site’s assured. 1UP’s GameVideos will be the very first place online you’ll be able to see the footage, and we’ll be posting it in all of its HD glory. And trust us when we say you’re going to be blown away. […]

  • Amazing confusion over new 1UP letter-based scoring system

    US site 1UP has now switched over to a letter-based review system, a change that’s led to some fairly spectacular confusion this morning. Ed boss Dan Hsu said there wouldn’t be a score-to-letter conversion chart published “because we want our readers to go with our new scoring system and not be constantly translating the new […]

  • 1UP changes scoring system, shuffles editorial

    According to this, US site 1UP – one of the major American online publications – is to change its scoring system from numbers to letters, and will instead give games a rating from A+ to F, as opposed to scoring out of 10. “1UP Network is making changes with its game scoring system on 1UP.com, […]

  • 1up actually owns Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Go and see. Knock yourself out. Drown in an orgy of Nintendo spunkery. Brawl is currently destroying the internet, smacking GoNintendo’s servers yesterday as the masses flooded to see pictures of Nintendo characters hitting each other. 1up’s the first western site to actually have a copy, so expect even more movies of Kid Icarus and […]