160gb Ps3

Gamestop lists 160gb PS3

Gamestop has listed a new 160gb PS3, perhaps giving an insight into one of the announcements at Sony’s Gamescom press conference later today.

10 years ago

160gb Ps3 headlines

  • Amazon cuts price of 160Gb PS3 bundled with Drake's Fortune

    Amazon has cut the price of its 160Gb PS3 bundled with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune by $50.Effective only in the US, the price now sits at $449.99, leading some to speculate that the cut is in direct reference to clearing inventory for a new slim model as well as a price cut.GamesCom is just around the […]

    11 years ago
  • SCEA confirms new hardware SKUs for the US

    In light of a string of SCEE PS3 and PSP announcements in Leipzig this afternoon, SCEA has confirmed that the 160Gb PS3 SKU and PSP 3000 will both hit the US this year.Also confirmed for American launch is the PS3 controller key-pad.There’s a ton of detail on the US PlayStation Blog.

    12 years ago