WipEout HD 1.30 update is a bit broken

Some WipEout HD players are reporting difficulties with the autosave function on the game’s 1.30 update, released this week.Luckily, some enterprising souls have come up with a workaround, as you can see on the PS boards.Basically: Sign out of PSN. Launch the game. Choose “Online” from the main menu, and allow it to sign you […]

12 years ago

1.30 headlines

  • WipEout HD 1.30 gets shots

    SCEE announced last night that WipEout HD is to be bumped to v1.30 today, an update to add rankings, badges and podium placements. Check out shots of the new stuff after the break.Press release here. We’ll let you know when the patch goes live.

    12 years ago