Konami releases MGO beta patch, world bates breath

This is either going to be great or a complete disaster: or both. Konami’s released a version 1.2 patch of the Metal Gear Online beta client ahead of a scheduled start for the test tonight in Europe, the US and Japan. Get it while you can. The start of the beta was delayed earlier this […]

13 years ago

1.2 headlines

  • Bogart hits Burnout Paradise 360, custom PS3 music for Cagney

    Criterion’s confirmed that update 1.2, codenamed Bogart, has been made available for the 360 version of Burnout Paradise. There’s a full list of changes here.The developer’s also announced that the PS3 version of the smash racer will include custom soundtracks in the following patch, codenamed Cagney. See here. Cagney’s got no date at the moment, […]

    13 years ago