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Survarium season one conclusion to be decided by players

Survarium's story doesn't have a set conclusion; collective player actions will determine the outcome of events.


Survarium is set in 2026, ten years after Humanity encountered the Forest and four years after the great pandemic that destroyed 90% of the population. The Forest has overrun large segments of the world, and the disease returns in localised outbreaks on the regular.

That's the background for the story told in the free-to-play MMO shooter. In a new developer diary, Vostok outlined the plot of the first season of story missions:

The first season begins with the growth of the Scavengers during which a messenger from Black Market reports an outbreak in one of the settlements. The Black Market insists on isolating and clearing the settlement to prevent spreading of the disease. Scavengers fear that it is just an excuse to plunder the settlement without resistance. A series of in-game events will allow players to discover information and their actions will decide the fate of the settlement.

"All new events in the world will depend on the actions of the players," the developer said.

"At the moment neither the players nor the developers know what effect the history of the world in Survarium will have on the game world. Will there be a 'happy ending' or 'everyone dies'?"

In addition to single-player story actions, there will be a PvP mode where players can side with the Scavengers of Black Market, and Freeplay mode will include new missions and events which also affect the outcome of the season's plot.

"If the Black Market wins, the settlement will be burned along with its secrets, and we will never know what caused the outbreak. If Scavengers win, local residents will be saved, but the consequences of the quarantine breach could be unpredictable," Vostok said.

"Do not worry if your faction does not directly participate in the current event. Your actions can decide whether your faction keeps neutrality or will be dragged into the conflict."

Vostok has some interesting thoughts about bringing interesting stories out of single-player games and into the multiplayer world, and telling stories in games without resorting to interactive movie narratives. Hit the link above for more.

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