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Super Smash Bros. 3DS guide - stage tips

The stages in the latest in the Smash Bros. series have evolved. Find out what's different and how to win.


Super Smash Bros. 3DS stage tips

Super Smash Bros.'s stages have almost as much personality and interactivity as its characters. Some are elaborate, with changing furniture and hazards both left and right, while others, specifically built for tournaments, are distraction-free. If you want to succeed in Smash Bros., you need to know the stages almost as well as your chosen fighters.

Omega Form Stages

All stages can be selected in Normal or Omega forms, the latter being a stripped-down version of the original stage with the same background but just a single platform and no hazards.

The Omega forms exist so tournaments can use any stage without the inclusion of any random factors.

Here's the entire list of stages in Super Smash Bros. 3DS, with tips and details for each.

3D Land

Origin: Super Mario 3D Land

3D land moves to the right then up, with obstacles and hazards from Super Mario 3D Land appearing as a result. Spikes appear from below, platforms tilt and blocks fall out from under you if you stay still for too long.

Arena Ferox

Origin: Fire Emblem

The base platform in Arena Ferox remains stationary, but the environment indicates it's about to change when purple fog appears. Don't worry, though: several different platform arrangements may appear above the base level, but nothing hazardous will pop up.

Balloon Fight

Origin: Balloon Fight

This stage has a few different layouts. They're randomly selected each time you play. Balloon Fight is unusual, as you can walk off one side of the screen and appear on the other. Obviously, though, you'll still suffer a KO if you're booted too far off the edge of the stage.

Flippers will appear in the sky and spin if a character hits them, causing damage to any player subsequently touching them. Also note that there's a fish in the water at the bottom of the stage; it can grab any character that falls in and delay their fall, allowing for more time to recover.


Origin: Super Smash Bros. 64

Battlefield has one main platform with some others floating above. There are no additional hazards.

Boxing Ring

Origin: Punch-Out!!

A light fixture hangs above the eponymous ring in this stage, and it'll fall if you hit it enough, damaging any player underneath in the process. Watch the fixture, and get out of the way if you see it getting hit. Players can bounce on the ring's ropes for extra height and aerial attacks.


Origin: Metroid

The bottom portion of this stage is full of acid, which rises on occasion to cover the entire level apart from the highest platform in the middle. If you get hit by the acid you'll take damage and be blasted into the air.


Origin: Star Fox

You battle on top of the Great Fox ship in Corneria, while Arwings and other ships attack. You can stand on top of Arwings when they appear, but be warned: they don't remain stationary very long. If you're standing on one when it flies off, you can get a nasty KO.

Both the the Great Fox ship and the Arwings fire lasers, so watch out.

Distant Planet

Origin: Pikmin

Players can grab items in this stage by using pellets. As in Pikmin, flowers drop pellets when attacked. The flowers start with the number one visible, with the number rising the more they're allowed to grow. Bash the flower, grab the pellet and chuck it at the onion-shaped Pikmin ship. The greater the number on the pellet, the greater the number of items produced by the ship.


Dream Land

Origin: Kirby's Dream Land

Dream Land looks like a Game Boy and makes for a very straightforward stage. Soon after play starts, a pointing hand will appear, indicating the direction in which the stage is about to move. Move with it into new environments, and be prepared to see it change several times before the hand reappears and the stage moves again.

Final Destination

Origin: Super Smash Bros.

Final Destination is identical to the same stage in previous Smash Bros. titles, with a single platform and no other obstacles or hazards.

Find Mii

Origin: Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Quest

The Dark Emperor moves around in the background, and will move into the foreground to attack players.

A captured Mii sits in a cage in the upper left corner of the screen. Attacking the cage makes it swing, and it'll eventually break. If the Dark Emperor is in the background when the cage breaks, he leaves until the cage gets reset. If he's in the foreground, he remains in play for a while before moving into background again. He'll occasionally give a boost to a random player while moving in the background.

Flat Zone 2

Origin: Game & Watch

Flat Zone 2 randomly transforms into a variety of layouts, with some objects able to damage players and others usable as platforms. It's easy to get a KO by knocking players to the far right or left side, so be sure to stay central.

Gaur Plain

Origin: Xenoblade Chronicles

Gaur Plain consists of a series of small platforms. There are three, vertically-aligned platforms on the right, and four on the left. The gap between the two sets of platforms is the stage's primary hazard.

Gerudo Valley

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The bridge in the centre of the Gerudo Valley stage will snap if it gets attacked or walked on too much, revealing reveals a chasm with platforms and spikes on either side.

Two floating witches will also appear when the bridge breaks. One of them will attack either the left or right side of the stage, creating a fire or ice attack.

After a short while, the bridge is repaired and the stage resets.

Golden Plains

Origin: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Gold coins litter Golden Plains, and you'll see a coin counter for each player. Once a player collects 100 coins, the screen moves to the right.

After the next 100 coins are collected, the stage returns to its original position. Red and blue coins begin to appear after a few minutes: red coins count as five gold coins and blue coins count as ten.

Green Hill Zone

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog

The ground in the middle of this stage's central half-pipe can be destroyed. The lamp posts can also be hit, causing them to spin and inflict potential damage. Stay away from the edges and their easy KOs.

Jungle Japes

Origin: Donkey Kong 64

Jungle Japes consists of four separate platforms, three in a line along the bottom and one elevated platform in the middle. The platforms are joined by bridges, which can't be stood upon as they're only background objects.

Be careful of the river at the bottom: if you end up in it and don't get out quickly, you'll be swept away for a KO.

Living Room

Origin: Nintendogs

Living Room's only hazard appears in the form of shadows on the ground when the camera zooms out, indicating where objects are about to fall. Don't get in their way, obviously.


Origin: Mother (Earthbound)

Magicant features a floating platform below the base platform that disappears after a short time. You'll see a tree moving just below the base platform, which can also be used as an extra platform.

Random objects appear as platforms, including Flying Man. The first player to touch Flying Man will activate him. He acts as an assist trophy and attacks other players. You need to knock him from the stage to get rid of him.

Mushroomy Kingdom

Origin: Super Mario Bros.

The Mushroomy Kingdom stage is a blank version of the World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros. It scrolls right during play. Normal blocks can be broken, but question mark blocks remain in place whether they're hit or not.

Mute City

Origin: F-Zero

Mute City is a famous F-Zero track. There are two floating platforms that hover above the course. At least one vehicle is always below, and can be used as a platform. The floating platforms always remain on-screen, despite the fact they move horizontally.

If you see the word "CHECK" above a vehicle, it's about to be knocked off the track. If touch the track, you'll take damage and get thrown into the air.


Origin: Pac-Man

This looks like a classic Pac-Man level, with damaging ghosts to dodge. If you collect 100 dots, a Power Pellet pops up. Collect it and the ghosts turn blue, and, as you'd expect, the player who collected the pill will be able to get rid of them. If any other player touches the ghosts, blue or not, they'll take damage as normal.


Paper Mario

Origin: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

This consists of three different backgrounds. The first has an elevated platform on the left and a windmill on the right. The windmill moves if a player stands on it, so it's no good as a camping position. You'll also see a pipe in the middle: you'll bounce high into the air if you stand on it. A fan appears on the left after a short time, blowing all characters to the right and making it difficult to stand on the platform and windmill. The pipe ceases to launch players at this stage.

The fan then disappears, and the stage transitions to a ship. You'll see three platforms above the deck. Avoid standing on the center platform: the screen moves down enough to push you off the screen and will cause damage as a result. You'll see waves below the ship, but don't try to swim. If you fall off the boat you should expect a KO.

The third stage is a Bowser Castle. You'll see a Bowser head in the middle and two, vertically moving platforms on either side. Stand on one of the platforms or on top of the head, but avoid Bowser's open mouth. Bowser's glowing eyes indicate the head is about to turn, and any players the mouth will fall off.

PictoChat 2

Origin: Nintendo DS PictoChat

This is similar to the PictoChat stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Random objects appear as the battle progresses, and the objects disappear after a short time. Some of the objects serve as platforms, while others cause damage.


Prism Tower

Origin: Pokémon X and Y

This starts as a flat stage. A platform appears in the middle, near the bottom indicating a transition is about to occur. Get on it. The platform moves throughout a cityscape and other platforms may appear. Be sure to get off them if they start flashing. If the main platform flashes, it's about to change in size and move to another part of the city. Move as close to the center as you can to avoid falling off.

Rainbow Road

Origin: Mario Kart 7

Rainbow Road features a single platform travelling along the race track. It occasionally stops, to be replaced by multiple platforms or solid ground below. Watch for a flashing sign warning of karts speeding past.

Karts can emerge from either side or the background, and they do considerable damage. Once the karts have left, another warning sign appears to say the platform is about to reappear. Move toward the centre to be sure you're above the platform when it rises.

Reset Bomb Forest

Origin: Kid Icarus: Uprising

This starts as a flat stage with platforms, but Viridi will soon appears, drop a Reset Bomb and transition the stage to castle ruins. You'll see erratic floating platforms and a Lurchthorn enemy moving below the lower platforms. The Lurchthorn deals damage, but hitting it can save you from a KO. Another Reset Bomb will change the stage back to the starting form after a while, and the cycle will repeat.

Spirit Train

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

This consists of three train cars on a track. An arrow will appear in the upper left corner showing the direction the screen is about to move. More often than not, you should to move back to the engine when this happens, as the last car on the right usually disappears from the screen to be replaced by a new one.

If a damaged train appears, avoid it. It may explode or disappear. Sometimes it'll land on the train before exploding (when this happens, move toward the engine to avoid damage). This'll leave only the engine for a short time before the other cars are reset.

If a second engine appears, move toward it: the screen is about to move the other direction, getting rid of the main engine.

A floating platform occasionally hovers over the train. It moves in and out of the screen, so be careful when standing on it.

You won't get an instant KO if you land on the tracks, but you will take damage and bounce.

Tomodachi Life

Origin: Tomodachi Life

The Tomodachi Life level is set before a three-story house. The ground floor is a solid platform, and the other two floors and roof act as floating platforms on which players can stand and move through. The random Miis which appear in the house's rooms don't interact with players at all.

Tortimer Island

Origin: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The island is the stage's primary platform, but you'll see slightly different layouts which are selected at random.

Players can't swim in the water. A boat occasionally appears. You can use it as a platform, but be careful: it speeds off with no warning. Random items drop from the island's trees, such as extra health.

Unova Pokémon League

Origin: Pokémon Black and White

This starts as a standard flat stage, but after a while the background changes and ramps may appear on both sides. Reshiram or Zekrom will appear in the middle of the background and charges for an attack. You'll see sparks and other obvious warning signs as to where the attack'll land. If it hits on either side, it'll destroy one of the ramps.

It's also possible the stage will tilt in the opposite direction when attacked. Be ready for impact if this happens.

If the centre of the stage is targeted, evacuate quickly to avoid damage. Other Pokémon may randomly appear, but they won't attack.

WarioWare, Inc.

Origin: WarioWare, Inc.

The WarioWare stage incorporates mini-games from the series. You can actually participate in the mini-games during combat, with the winning player rewarded with items and possibly even health replenishment. Focus on the fight as a priority, but sometimes you'll be able to easily win a mini-game for power-ups.

Wily Castle

Origin: Mega Man 2

Wily Castle's primary threat is a Yellow Devil on the main platform. If you touch it you'll take damage, and it'll attack both with projectiles and its own body. Get rid of it by targeting its eye and making it explode. If you see another player attacking it, get out of the way: the resulting explosion has splash damage (unless you're the player that caused it).

It's worth taking down the Yellow Devil if you can do it easily, but focus on the fight. Standing behind it is a good idea until it reaches the far side of the level and attacks again.

Yoshi's Island

Origin: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Yoshi's Island is a basic stages, but, occasionally, a ghost will appears on the left side as a temporary platform. Use it if you get knocked off the stage. It'll help you recover and avoid a KO. Attack any random Shy Guys, as they'll give you items.

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