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Street Fighter 5 adds Sagat and series newcomer G to the roster along with a new stage

Capcom has announced the addition of two new characters to the roster. Sagat and series newcomer, G, are both available to download today.

Capcom has announced that Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's new characters are available to download today, and series regular Sagat is joined by "the Man of Mystery" and self-proclaimed President of the World, G.

The characters are included in the Season 3 Character Pass which also includes Sakura, Blanka, Cody and Falke.

G's move set utilises his would-be title of President of the World, with a Presidentiality level next to his V-Gauge. G can bolster his Presidentiality level to 3 by absorbing power from the earth. The higher the level, the more damage he metes out. If he gets knocked down, his Presidentiality level will also get knocked down a notch.

G's Presidentiality level 3 special moves are:

  • G Smash Over: A quick lunging punch that sends a citizen of Earth flying
    • Level 3 Presidentiality: Two hits that causes a wall bounce
  • G Smash Under: Quick lunging punch that hits low and causes knockdown
    • Level 3 Presidentiality: Two hits that also cause knockdown
  • G Burst: A downward molten projectile
    • Level 3 Presidentiality: The projectile now splashes upon hitting the ground, which sends magma at an upwards angle
  • G Spin Kick: G twists his body in the air and kicks the opponent at a downward angle
    • Level 3 Presidentiality: Now gains projectile invincibility
  • G Impact: A command grab that launches citizens of Earth and can be followed up by several special moves.
    • Level 3 Presidentiality: A multi-hit command grab that also launches opponents

His V-Skill is G Barrier which can absorb projectiles, and can knock back opponenets. It can also be deployed in the air.

Ryu's rival, Sagat, makes his Street Fighter 5 debut alongside G with a move set that "remains true to his past appearances in the Street Fighter series."

A new stage, King's Court, will also be available.

G and Sagat can be purchased separately for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money, or as part of the Season 3 Character Pass for $29.99.

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