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Skyrim Saints and Seducers: Where to start, find Ri'saad, and defeat Thoron

The Shivering Isles come to Skyrim

One of the headline additions to Skyrim Anniversary edition is the Saints and Seducers quest line, a nostalgic romp for fans of Oblivion’s awesome DLC, the Shivering Isles.

Two bands of dangerous bandits are raiding the Khajiit caravans in Skyrim, each bearing a striking resemblance to the daedric denizens of Mania and Dementia in Sheogorath’s realm.

The Saints, the protectors of Mania, are known by their resplendent golden equipment, while the warriors of Dementia, the Seducers, make use of Dark weapons and armor.

Here’s how you can get started with the Saints and Seducers quest in the Anniversary edition of Skyrim, along with a quick walkthrough of the main quests.

Where to start Saints and Seducers in Skyrim Anniversary Edition

To make a start on Balance of Power, the first quest in the Saints and Seducers line, you need to speak to Ri’saad the Khajiit merchant about him having trouble on the roads with his caravan.

Where to find Ri’saad

To collar Ri’saad and start the quest, he can usually be found south at the southern gate of Whiterun, next to the stables, but as you’d expect from a travelling merchant, he can move around.

Ri’saad can sometimes be found walking the roads to the between major cities, particularly to the west near Markarth and Solitude. However, it’s much easier to wait in one place and let him come to you.

Either fast travel from major city to major city to see if you can spot him and his catty chums setting up shop near the gate. Or, to make it easier on yourself, wait day by day outside his spawn location next to Whiterun stables and eventually, he should show up.

Once you’ve found Ri’saad, ask him about his troubles and he’ll hand you a note. Read it from the books tab of your inventory.

How to complete Balance of Power in Skyrim

This turns you onto the location of two bandit camps, one for each of the Saints and the Seducers.

The Saints are close to Whiterun, nearby to the southwest. While the Seducers are holed up in the north towards Winterhold and Windhelm.

Focus on whichever band you want to first, but be warned.

The bandits are very difficult, especially if you’ve started a new character for this new edition, but once you defeat them, take the journal from the leader and read it in your books tab.

If you check around, you also get a note on the blacksmith, which gives you an objective to be able to smith the Saints’ and Sinners’ signature Golden and Dark equipment.

However, the task at hand is to deal with the bandits. After you’ve cleared the first camp of Saints, you get a second objective to clear another up to the northwest near Rorikstead and Markarth.

After the first band of Seducers goes down, you get to clear out another troop nearby to the southwest.

Before you leave either camp though, you can also free the Elytra nymph from the cage and speak to it. It’s a pet follower that you can use in battle as well as have it follow you around.

With the second Saints camp down, take and read Kinthal’s journal. Or the equivalent if you took on the Seducers.

This starts the next quest, Restoring Order, where you take on the wizard behind the bands of raiders in Solitude.

While this unlocks after defeating either one of the second Saints and Seducers camps, there’s still work to be done.

Take out the remaining bandits, then return to Ri’saad. This time you have a quest marker to help you though.

You’ll find him beset by attackers from both the Saints and Seducers. Jump into the fray and defeat them with the Khajiit caravan, then speak to Ri’saad.

Tell him that you’ve dealt with all of the Daedra and he’ll throw a fat coin pouch your way.

Now it’s time to head to Solitude.

How to complete Restoring Order

Before you embark on Restoring Order, beware that the fight at the end is extremely difficult and you will need to stock up on potions and other provisions. The boss also has a powerful ability to drain magicka, so mages, get ready to cry.

In the city of Solitude, approach the marked manhole cover and descend into the sewers. Fight your way through the linear path of bugs until you reach the powerful pantsless mage, Thorlon.

If you’re struggling with this tough fight, consider buffing yourself against magicka damage, or using one of the summon scrolls you found at the bandit camps to draw some of the aggro away from you.

With him down, claim your prize from the wall of the cave and investigate the mage’s hovel.

On the desk you’ll find a new miscellaneous objective for your next adventure!

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