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Shadow of the Tomb Raider - San Cordoba Challenge Tomb guide

Here's our Shadow of the Tomb Raider San Cordoba Challenge Tomb guide.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: San Cordoba Challenge Tomb

Go down the stairs and pull the cannon towards you. Next, go to the right hand side of the cart and start pushing it forward until it is against the wall. Now go back to the cannon and push it over the ledge and it will smash open an entrance for you.

Follow the ramp to the right and follow the path around. You can then kick the raft into the water as a floating platform. Go around to the left and jump onto the raft and the climb onto the ship.

On the next deck of the ship and you’ll see the doors to the Captain’s Cabin. There is a turning mechanism in front of the doors; use this to move the cannon above where the cabin is.

Go down into the water in the lower deck and dive down to find a gate. Use your pickaxe to pry the gate open and swim through the tunnel and up the other side as quickly as you can.

Jump up on the ledge straight ahead, turn to the right and climb up the side of the ship until you are back on deck.

You’ll encounter another turning mechanism, but it’s jammed. There is a fallen mast to your left that you can walk across, and grapple jump from on to the wall. Climb the wall and head into the cavern, hugging the left wall.

There is a beam you can run and jump to straight ahead. Once in the crow’s nest, there is a wheel; spin this to release the beam.

Climb up the ladder above the wheel and walk to the end of the sail on the left and jump to the ledge across from it. Run and jump to the wall opposite and rappel your way down and swing yourself until you can jump on the protruding beam.

You can now pull the beam into position so that it is in front of the floating box. Climb on to the box on the left to reach the beam then jump over to the box opposite. You can then reach the mast opposite the box, edge your way over to the right and jump to the ladder above.

Once at the top, shoot an arrow into the white rope and attach it to the white rope above your head. You can then turn the wheel which will release the cannon below, enabling you to zip line over to the Captain’s chambers.

You’ll find a note from the Captain and are rewarded with Caiman’s Breath two.

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