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These indie devs are pitching a Seinfeld point-and-click adventure game

It's a game about nothing, based on a show about nothing.

Two indie devs have taken to the internet to pitch an adventure game based on the classic '90s sitcom Seinfeld.

Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon - whose respective work history includes the game Paradigm, and the creation of pixel intros for episodes of The Simpsons and Rick & Morty - have launched their pitch for an episodic point-and-click where fans can play as Seinfeld, Elaine, George, but not Kramer.

"We will write a brand new story revolving around the Seinfeld characters designed to work in this medium, remaining faithful to the tone and themes of the show," write the duo.

"Point-and-click adventure games often involve some sort of task or mission that requires a mix of conversational skills, puzzle solving, item collection and use. In Seinfeld, conflict also arises regularly from miscommunication or involves novel items (think episodes like The Pez, The Junior Mint, The Statue, The Calzone, The Fusilli Jerry, The Couch, The Big Salad etc). All this melds perfectly with the point-and-click formula!"

"Like the show’s running length, we intend for the game to take roughly half an hour. This is ultimately scaleable and multiple half-hour episodes can be made or added later as DLC. Also like the show, the story would take place over three separate acts. In each act you will assume the role of Jerry, George or Elaine as their stories interweave and overlap with one another, just like the show. Similar to the game Day of the Tentacle, you will be allowed to play multiple characters. Kramer appears throughout the story, but will not be playable, as he works better narratively as a “wild card,” someone who can influence the story but not be controlled."

The developer is looking for an official contract to provide the rights to create a game based on the IP. "Even a “Yeah cool” from Jerry or Larry would help," they right. "Without it, even releasing a “free fan game” can get us into deep waters if they so choose to target us."

"So what are the options if we receive the rights? What can we do? We hire a team and make this a reality, we either fund the project through the rights holders themselves, through Kickstarter, or partner with a publisher, or a combination of all the above."

Check out the full game pitch right here.

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