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Scarlet Nexus Psychokinesis Finish guide | How to do Psychokinesis Finish for Totally Lost

Scarlet Nexus Psychokinesis Finish is a tricky skill you’re best off ignoring outside the Totally Lost side quest.

If you’re trying to finish Totally Lost, though, then prepare yourself for some practice and grinding. Psychokinesis Finish is a tough skill to pull off, and you need to do it more than once.

What is Scarlet Nexus Psychokinesis Finish

Psychokinesis Finish is sort of a contradiction. It’s a PK skill that works only on opponents who are knocked down, but despite the name, it doesn’t fully finish them unless they’re close to defeat already.

You’ll need to invest some Brain Points to get it, since it’s at the far upper left corner of the Brain Map.

How to do Psychokinesis Finish in Scarlet Nexus

Psychokinesis Finish only works on downed opponents, and that’s different from foes with a depleted crush meter. Only Others with shells can be knocked down, and you’ll know which ones they are since a voice tutorial always pops up about needing to breach their shell. Two good places to farm Others with shells are Kunad Highway and the Supernatural Research Facility.

Keep attacking the armored Others until you crack their shell. If you’re playing with Tsugumi in your party, her SAS skills at higher bond levels let you destroy shields quickly. Either way, try to deplete the Other’s HP almost completely.

Then, when they’re knocked down, use a Psychokinesis Skill. You’ll see the object hover over the enemy and then drop down. It won’t seemingly finish them off, but don’t move in or attack again. The enemy will disappear after roughly five seconds, and that’s what counts as a Psychokinesis Finish.

Totally Lost requires you to pull three of these off. Fortunately, the Supernatural Facility has armored enemies in abundance and is a fairly easy place to farm these kills.

Outside this quest, Psychokinesis Finish is a bit too fiddly to make it worthwhile for normal combat, and it’s definitely not useful for boss fights. We recommend investing your Brain Points elsewhere.

Be sure to check out our other Scarlet Nexus guides for more tips, including all the companion gifts, how to raise Team Bond level, and what the active Musubi codes are.

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