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Minion Simulator Codes: Free Gems and Boosts

Time to become the Supreme Leader.

4th September, 2023: We checked for new Minion Simulator codes.

Minion Simulator is the Roblox game where you can get a horde or even a legion of loyal followers to help you with your schemes and goals. The aim of the game is to mine Gems to buy more minions. You need to find Gems to round out your character roster as the more minions you have, the easier it is to find lots of Gems. However, it can take some time to get enough of them to begin your army, and that's where codes come in.

Minion Simulator codes gives you a ton of rewards such as Gems and Boosters. The Gems themselves are useful as they are how you can purchase items and upgrade your loyal minions, but the boosters are just as good too. The boosters are an easy way to increase your inventory with very little effort. The developers, Liftoff Games!, release codes to celebrate game milestones so make sure to check here regularly to see what's new.

Working Minion Simulator Codes

  • LIKE250K: Free boosts
  • GROUP1M: x50 Triple Gems Boosters, x30 Mega Lucky Boosters, x30 Triple Damage Boosters
  • PENGUIN: Free boosts
  • LIKE240K: x15 Triple Gems Boosters, x10 Mega Lucky Boosters
  • GROUP888K: 2x Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE190K: Triple Gems Booster, Triple Damage Boosters
  • LIKE200K: x2 Mega Lucky Boosters
  • LIKE210K: Triple Damage & Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE220K: 2x Triple Damage Boosters
  • LIKE230K: 2x Triple Gems Boosters
  • TWITTER40K: x2 Triple Gems Boosters
  • TWITTER60K: Triple Gems Booster, Triple Damage Booster
  • WUMPUS20K: Mega Lucky Booster
  • HAPPYFRIDAY: Free boosts

Expired Minion Simulator Codes

  • ZOOMZOOM: Rewards
  • GROUP750K: Triple Damage Booster
  • GROUP750K: Triple Damage Booster
  • LIKE160K: x2 Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE170K: x2 Triple Damage Boosters
  • LIKE180K: Mega Lucky Booster
  • LIKE140K: 3x Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE150K: 2x Mega Lucky Boosters
  • GROUP700K: Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE130K: Mega Lucky Booster
  • GROUP200K: Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE120K: 2x Triple Damage Boosters
  • LIKE110K: Triple Gems Booster, Triple Damage Booster
  • LIKE100K: 2x Mega Lucky Boosters
  • TWITTER30K: Mega Lucky Booster
  • LIKE90K: 3x Triple Damage Boosters
  • LIKE80K: 3x Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE70K: Mega Lucky & Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE40K: Triple Gems and Triple Damage Boosters
  • LIKE45K: Triple Gems and Triple Damage Boosters
  • TWITTER20K: x2 Triple Gems Booster
  • WUMPUS10K: Mega Lucky Booster
  • LIKE30K: x2 Super Lucky and Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE35K: x2 Triple Gems Booster
  • NEON: x2 Triple Gems Booster
  • WUMPUS4000: Triple Gems Booster
  • WUMPUS6000: Triple Gems Booster
  • TWITTER5K: Triple Gems Booster
  • TWITTER10K: Triple Gems Booster
  • TWITTER15K: x2 Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE10K: Super Lucky and Triple Gems Booster
  • LIEK15K: Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE20K: Super Lucky and Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE25K: x2 Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE500: 5,000 Gems
  • LIKE750: 5,000 Gems
  • LIKE2000: Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE5000: 2x Super Lucky Booster
  • TWITTER2K: Super Lucky Booster
  • TWITTER1K: Triple Gems Booster
  • LAUNCH: Super Lucky and Triple Gem Booster
  • LIKE250: 3,000 Gems, Triple Gem Booster

How do I redeem codes in Minion Simulator?

Once you've decided which codes you want to redeem in Minion Simulator, you'll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Minion Simulator
  2. Enter the main game
  3. Click on the Shop on the left side of the screen (the small basket icon)
  4. Minion Simulator, a white arrow is pointing to the shop icon on the left of the screen.
  5. Scroll down the shop until you see 'Redeem Codes'
  6. Minion Simulator shop menu, the redeem game codes section is in the center of a yellow window.
  7. Click on the 'Redeem' button
  8. Type or copy your chosen code into the text box that appears
  9. Click 'Redeem' to get your rewards!

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