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Friday Night Bloxxin codes for November 2023

Blox Blox Revolution.

An in-game screenshot of Roblox game Friday Night Bloxxin showing prompts appearing that players need to press in time to music.
Image credit: Roblox, robotic_developer
2nd November, 2023: We checked for new FNB codes.

Are you the kind of person that longs for the heyday of rhythm action games, when Dance Dance Revolution ruled the arcades and you could get dance mats for your console? Then you'll want to checkout Friday Night Bloxxin, a rhythm action Roblox game.

Like DDR, Friday Night Bloxxin sees you tapping the direction buttons when prompted in time to music. You can face off against other players or bots in a dance off, and the soundtrack features a wide range of original songs. If you're just getting started, you may want to redeem some Friday Night Bloxxin codes too. These promo codes offer freebies Points which can be used to purchase in-game items or extra animations.

Working Friday Night Bloxxin codes

  • dsfgh7sdgfbhn423ynhu: Rewards
  • GAMEOVER: 1,050 points
  • INDIECROSS: 800 points
  • ANNIVERSARY: 500 points
  • SONIC: 450 points
  • THXBOOSTERS: 400 points
  • HOLIDAY: 350 points
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS: 300 points
  • OMGCODES: 200 points
  • MODIFIERS: 150 points
  • LAWSUIT: 150 points
  • 1M: 100 points
  • OMG2V2: 100 points
  • THANKSMARIO: Mario animation
  • HOGSWEEP: Rewards

Expired Friday Night Bloxxin codes


How to redeem Friday Night Bloxxin codes

Here's how to redeem a code in FNB:

Image showing gameplay of Roblox game Friday Night Bloxxin with an arrow pointing at the button players need to press to redeem a code.
Image credit: Roblox, robotic_developer
  1. Click the button with the Twitter logo at the top of the screen.
  2. And enter in a code and then press the redeem button.

If the code you entered is valid you'll get a notification popping up on screen letting you know what rewards you've claimed. If you get an error message then that means the code is no longer working. Promo codes for Roblox games are usually time sensitive so if you see a code you like the look of for Friday Night Bloxxin make sure you redeem it quickly.

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