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Resident Evil 7 walkthrough part 17 - salt mines, final boss fight

Get salty in the mines, prevent an outbreak, meet a familiar face.


Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #17 – get geared up

At the end of our last part you watched some pretty significant story sequences and are now back in control of Ethan. What happens here depends greatly on the choice you made as you were escaping the Baker estate, however.

  • If you cured Zoe, you will now have to fight Mia. This pans out as it did in the opening of the game, almost - there is a melee weapon for you to pick up on the floor. Just block and hit, rinse and repeat as necessary. It's a simple fight, but not a pleasant one for other reasons.
  • If you cured Mia, she will give you the tissue sample you need to end this once and for all voluntarily and stay behind to buy you some time.

Once that's done, follow the path given to you. It's linear. Eventually you'll wade through water filled with dead fish and climb up into a room. In here there's quite a bit to collect:

  • There's enhanced handgun ammo on a shelf in front of you as you climb up into the room
  • Psychostimulants just waiting for you
  • Lots of story intrigue items, in particular the short-wave radio - it looks like you're no longer the only one here!
  • Finally, this is a save area, complete with all the regular amenities and even the upgrade cages to spend your antique coins. If you've been following the guide you should now have them all and can afford everything.

There's also of course a crate, being a save point. Interact with it. Look at all that stuff! It's time to gear up, like Arnie in Commando.

When you leave the save area you'll be able to find some strong chem fluid and chem fluid near the mine carts. As you continue around to the next area there's an absolute shed load of enemies. You have a lot of space to work with here, so try to use weaker weapons like your pistol to pick them off from a distance rather than spending the big guns here.

Once that area is cleared, you can find:

  • Strong Chem Fluid near the elevator
  • A box containing a herb on the giant crane's base
  • Chem fluid on the grey machinery near the crane
  • Two breakable boxes containing ammo

You might want to ferry back and forth a bit to the save point and the equipment box to juggle all this. Get together a set of stuff ready for a bit fight, then head down the elevator. You're going into the salt mines.

resident_evil_7_midnight_demo (3)

How to survive the salt mines

In this hallway there'll be an enemy, and beware - there are a few trip wires around. Remember how we made our way through the Lucas section earlier - ducking and shooting trip wires in order to explode them. One major thing is different here: these trip wires can be used to your advantage. You're smart enough to weave around them, but the molded aren't. Encourage the molded to blow themselves up in their pursuit of you. The first open area here has some boxes to smash - one contains ammo, one contains a herb.

Keep heading down, being mindful of enemies. When you reach the crossroads:

  • There's two remote bombs right in front of you.
  • The right path leads to a dead end.
  • The left path is the way you need to go to continue, but it's also a trap: Enemies will spawn behind you while you're in the narrow path. Beware. It's one of the few times I've found this game to do something cheap, as they can really catch you off guard.

In the next area, be mindful of more enemy ambushes from behind and reach the mine cart at the top of the short incline. Push it to smash the obstacle in your way and then follow the newly opened path. You'll be able to take stairs to a higher level, but don't just yet: there's a box with ammo at the far end of this floor, past the mine cart.

Now head up the stairs, but mind the trip mine cleverly camouflaged into the stairs. Also: ignore the box at the top of the stairs. It's booby trapped.

In the room you enter, there's two herbs on the side. Interact with the laptop. Massive story developments abound. Keep moving. Keep learning. Investigate everything. There's a briefcase. It should be pretty obvious what you have to do here: put the cell sample in and activate it, then take the item that it synthesizes as a result.

Next up is a save room. On the shelf are 2 flame rounds for your grenade launcher. Save. It really seems things are coming to a head.


How to beat the fat Molded

Prepare yourself now - we're heading into some of the hardest fights in the game. There's only one linear path you can take, and that path is populated by an absolute shed load of molded of all types. Fat, thin, strong, fast - they're all here, and they all want to give you a hug. Do not let them.

Outside the save room and down the stairs, there's a chem pack near the light. Carry on down the only path. You'll eventually reach a chamber where you circle around it, climbing up. As you climb there's a herb, and later on a smart bomb. Boxes in a side room can be smashed for ammo. Try to hold on to your grenade launcher and smart bombs, but anything else feel free to go nuts with.

You'll come to a room with a mini boss encounter with some difficult fat molded here. There's two at once, and their combination of being explosive when killed, projectile attacks and hard-hitting up close makes a pair of them difficult, especially in this relatively narrow room. Use cover to your advantage and try to keep the pair together, as doing so will allow the use of smart bombs or the grenade launcher to damage both at the same time.

Remember these guys explode when killed, so get away once they go down. Be sure to sweep this room once you're done - there are boxes you can smash with ammo and health kits. When done, climb the ladder. At the top of this area you'll find a map of the area and a save point, as well as two boxes - ammo and health restoratives.

Follow the path, squeeze through the gap... everything comes full circle in the end, right? Be sure to take a quick look at the photo, and when you get back into the Guest House just walk around. Do what you have to do. The game is toying with you here with scripting, and my direction would only spoil the surprises. When it comes to an encounter, just... don't worry.

resident_evil_7_midnight_demo (1)

How to beat Resident Evil 7's final boss

When you finally head up to the attic and have to walk up a windy hallway towards the character antagonizing you, you need to be careful: it's very easy to accidentally die here. What you need to do is keep an eye on the animation and wait for the moment where the character is about to let out a wave of energy. When that happens, use your block button, and in between these blasts of energy run against the hefty wind to try to reach them.

When you do reach the character, a story sequence will play out. Now we're into the final encounter. A wall is approaching you, pressing against you. If you get too close to it you'll be swallowed whole and it is pushing forwards so time is limited. I went absolutely nuts with my SMG and that did the trick. If you lack ammo, don't panic too much - the game will let you juggle your inventory on death before retrying.

The final sequence of the game appears to be scripted - I'm not entirely sure if it's possible to die once you're thrown from the house. This is pretty much the end of the game. One last fight: Just fire like hell. And, yes - when you get the cue: use it!

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