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Remember Me: Capcom announces new IP from Dontnod Entertainment

Capcom has announced a new IP developed by French developer Dontnod called Remember Me. It is the same game that many sites were dubbing 'Rain' in a recent Sony trademark filing.

Codenamed 'Adrift' at Gamescom 2011, Remember Me focuses on the subject of memories that can be bought and sold, which has given rise to a black market.

Here's the official reveal trailer:

The main character is a female called Nilin, and was seen running around Neo-Paris in 2084, as seen in a reveal trailer shown by Capcom, as she engages enemies in fist fights, climbs the architecture and more.

People are all implanted with Sensation Engines - or Sen-Sen - that capture memories that can be traded or exchanged freely online. The company that manufactures the Sen-Sen is called Memoryeyes, a corporation that controls the flow of memories.

The Errorists are a group of rebels fighting against Memoreyes. The main character is gifted and can access memories at will, and change them as she sees fit. Her employer Edge leads the group.

It's the same gameplay footage that was rumoured to be part of a Sony trademark filing last week.

Dontnod shows off some gameplay as well, starting with a rainy Neo-Paris backdrop and the Memoreyes HQ. Nilin is seen walking up to the entrance casually, and finds she can't break in as the building is locked down. She radios Edge for another plan.

Nilin is confronted by a huge aircraft which opens fire. Nilin runs off and climbs along the side of buildings Uncharted-style, but the aircraft keeps on hounding her. She finds herself trapped in a metallic halway, forced in by the gunfire.

She can also hack doors from a safe distance to block out the aircraft's gunfire, as well as unlocking bared doors in an instant using her Sen-Sen implant. Running into a shopping precinct, Nilin is confronted by troops on foot.

Nilin then then unloads on them with a barrage of punches and kicks that ape Batman: Arkham City's fluid combat, before using a Memory Unload finisher on them when stunned to frazzle their brains. More guard appear, and Nilin uses her Sen-Sen to evaporate their holographic riot shields.

In the bottom left corner of the HUD is a ability radial on L2 - signifying that this is a PS3 build - that has a move called Logic Bomb and a Sensory Overload, which is ground pound attack that vegetates enemies in a nearby radius.

With the goons evaded, Nilin finds herself in stealth mode on a dark rooftop, with the aircraft back and hovering menacingly overhead. Nilin hides in the shadows and finds her chance to strike, latching onto the underside of the craft and punching through the windshield, frying the controls, which causes the ship to lose control.

Nilin has a unique power called the Memory Remix that allows her to change people's memories. In Capcom's second gameplay presentation, she has been sent to remix the memories of the Memoreye's security captian, Frank Forlan.

Walking the streets, Nilin can scan for specific people. She finds Forlan in his office trying to call his wife to come meet him, but she isn't answering, causing him to get angry. Nilin then jacks into Forlan's memories and then plants a fake memory in his mind in which they broke up earlier that day.

The player sees the memory play out in a cut-scene, in which Forlan and his wife squabble before she starts to walk out on him. You can then pause the clip, pan back and remix the memory further, changing elements. The player makes Frank think that he got angry and tried to shoot his wife.

You can choose to have Forlan keep the safety on and just threaten her, or make him think he took the safety off and actually shot her. Once Nilin dives out of Forlan, he genuinely believes he murdered his wife hours earlier, causing him to blow his own brains out in regret. Very smart.

The demo then ends. It looks great, sort of a hybrid between Uncharted and Deus Ex or even Syndicate in terms of hacking options.

Dontnod is a new studio assembled by ex-Criterion, Ubisoft and EA staff, and Remember me is out May 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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