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It looks like there's a Red Dead Redemption 2 bug that prevents certain people from showing up at camp

Red Dead Redemption 2 players have discovered that if you do a certain mission first upon arriving at the second gang camp, you may trigger a bug.

Over the past few days, Red Dead Redemption 2 players have been reporting an especially bizarre issue they've run into. In chapter two of the game's story, the gang reaches a new campsite where everyone gets set up.

This is when Red Dead Redemption 2 opens up for the first time. Gang members hanging around the camp will, over time, have missions for the player to do. These side missions sometimes unlock new equipment, but are generally designed for you to get to know these characters better.

Unfortunately, these missions will disappear after a while if you never do them. The bug, as reported by players, results in certain gang members not showing up, meaning their missions are inaccessible.

Then there's this other wrinkle. Because the camp is big with many people running around following separate routines, it can be hard to judge whether someone is absent due to a bug or because they're out doing something else.

What seems to trigger the issue for some players and not others appears to be tied to when they decide to do Uncle's mission. If you do Uncle's mission as soon as you start the chapter, it may result in Sadie, Abigail, and Jack (Marston's son) disappearing.

Players have worked out that you need to speak to these people first before doing Uncle's mission, and sleep once so that they can continue to appear at your camp. Though other players have pointed out that these characters eventually reappear at some point following a story event, it doesn't look like you'll be able to play the missions you missed out on.

Fishing, for instance, is first introduced to players through a mission with Jack, which explains why some who played dozens of hours have yet to learn how to fish despite visiting the camp regularly.

One Reddit user claims to have gotten a response from Rockstar about the issue. After offering a few basic troubleshooting steps, a support member said they'd pass on the bug report to QA.

The issue is seemingly unfixable without replaying the start of chapter two and following the steps above, which means Rockstar will need to issue a fix in a future patch.

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