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Rainbow Six: Siege's 'Mid-Season Reinforcements' update brings new Gadgets & Operator tweaks

Siege's latest update ensures we're all smooth operators.

Rainbow Six Siege Update

Rainbow Six: Siege's latest update is now live, bringing with it a host of tweaks, changes and additions to the game that are sure to be of interest to long-time players.

Incorporating feedback from the community, the 'Mid-Season Reinforcements' update brings with it several changes to three of the game's operators (Twitch, Blackbeard, and Doc), new gadgets and attachments for both the attacking and defending team, as well as the usual range of weapon balances and bug fixes.

The update also boasts a number of key multiplayer-centric changes, including improvements to the game's hit registration as well as much stricter rules for team killers.

We've included some of the more notable bug fixes below, while you can find an extensive breakdown of the patch's other tweaks and balance changes over at the Rainbow Six: Siege Blog.


  • FIXED – Various animation issues can occur with weapons when starting the Drone pick-up animation and then canceling.
  • FIXED – On PC, the Walk\Run stances can be switched by pressing TAB while holding ALT.
  • FIXED – Light coming from outside the building will hinder the player looking outside from inside during gameplay.
  • FIXED – When a player spawns in a collision spot or stops walking in a collision spot, their aim will be reset to the center of the screen.
  • FIXED – It is possible to shoot through a small gap between Reinforced Walls when they are deployed adjacent to each other, but on opposite sides of the wall.
  • FIXED – Aim reverts to an initial position after the user tries to aim at another target.

Level Design

  • FIXED – There is a LOD issue present in 1F Lobby.


  • FIXED – The flag hung above the northern wall of the 1F Bar remains rigid after falling.


  • FIXED – LOD issue with window frame at EXT Football Pitch.
  • FIXED – There is a LOD issue with the red wall at 2F Aunt's Hall.
  • FIXED – The base along the breachable wall section at 2F Football Apt does not destroy when breached.
  • FIXED – There is a lightning issue present at EXT Back Alley.


  • FIXED – The surveillance camera from the Coast Guard Hallway is destroyed when reinforcing a nearby wall.
  • FIXED – It is possible to vault inside the White Vans with a Deployable Shield.


  • FIXED – Arms will clip through the Operator's body when zooming with a pistol equipped.

Death Cam Replay

  • FIXED – Various issues with blood graphics occur in the Death Cam replay.


  • FIXED – The Skull Rain and Ceifador headgear will display Capitao's name on Caveira's uniform.
  • FIXED – A banned player will sometimes have access to online multiplayer.
  • FIXED – There is no shield displayed when previewing a Charm for a Shield Operator.
  • FIXED – The Laser Sight attachment shows the laser in first person view.
  • FIXED – Diamond Ranked players are not receiving the Diamond Charm for Season 2 Ranked.

Terrorist Hunt

  • FIXED – The game sometimes freezes when a Bomber detonates.
  • FIXED – AI will remain stuck when coming for the hostage.
  • FIXED – The "Defend the Defuser" indicator is misaligned with the indicator circle.
  • FIXED – The bomb timer and objective marker do not disappear from the HUD during the death replay.

Ubisoft Club

  • FIXED – There is a display issue that shows unavailable challenges as available.


  • FIXED – When a player is banned from ranked, there is no text shown on top of the red line on the main menu screen.
  • FIXED – The hours and minutes are swapped when looking at the Time Played stat in the Details & Statistics page of an operator in the Album.
  • FIXED – Players find it difficult to determine who is alive and dead. [More contrast has been added in 4.2]
  • FIXED – Mono-chrome universal weapon skins have a thin white border.

Winning Team Showcase

  • FIXED – The Operator's hand is offset from the gun.

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