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PUBG mobile: All the Oasis Fresh recipes

The Oasis Fresh event for PUBG Mobile players ends next week, but there's still time to craft a few tasty cocktails.

To take part in this event, you'll need to collect different ingredients and combine them to make a cold beverage. Once you've made the drink of your juice, you can use it in the Cheer Park or Spawn Island and you'll get some cool emote effects.

You'll need three out these four ingredients to make a drink: syrup, flavouring, sour juice or chilli sauce. Top the whole thing off with ice and you're good to go.

The Oasis Fresh event runs until July 27, so there are a few days left to make all the recipes.

PUBG mobile: All the Oasis Fresh recipes

Once you're ready to make your drink, you'll need to shake your phone at different speeds to make each drink. But where do you find each ingredient?

There's a higher chance of getting syrup on Classic maps, flavouring on the Livik map, and sour juice when playing in a team. Increasing your ranking is the best way to farm chilli sauce and ice can be found in Cheer Park, which will help make certain drinks special.

Thre are 46 recipes in total, so here's what you need to do.

Oasis Fresh recipe Ingredients Shake speed
Last WordFlavouring x3Quickly
Snake Gall SpecialFlavouring x3Gently
Motor OilFlavouring x2, Chilli SauceQuickly
ConcreteFlavouring x2, Chilli SauceGently
Lone WolfFlavouring x2, Sour JuiceQuickly
Too SoonFlavouring x2, Sour JuiceGently
Agent-47Flavouring x2, SyrupQuickly
Bitter Gourd ColaFlavouring x2, SyrupGently
Expired Bitter Gourd JuiceFlavouring, Chilli Sauce x2Quickly
Orange LassiFlavouring, Chilli Sauce x2Gently
Expired Grape VinegarFlavouring, Chilli Sauce, Sour JuiceQuickly
Salty DeathFlavouring, Chilli Sauce, Sour JuiceGently
Ginger MagicFlavouring, Chilli Sauce, SyrupQuickly
Pan52Flavouring, Chilli Sauce, SyrupGently
Hide in a BushFlavouring, Sour Juice x2Quickly
BambooFlavouring, Sour Juice x2Gently
Purple BubbleFlavouring, Sour Juice, SyrupQuickly
Hodge PodgeFlavouring, Sour Juice, SyrupGently
Oolong SmoothieFlavouring, Syrup x2Quickly
TBCFlavouring, Syrup x2Gently
Pepper and Ginger DrinkChilli Sauce x3Quickly
Herbal Chilli WaterChilli Sauce x3Gently
Inferior Lemon WineChilli Sauce x2, Sour JuiceQuickly
Head HunterChilli Sauce x2, Sour JuiceGently
Pew PewsChilli Sauce x2, SyrupQuickly
Couch PotatoChilli Sauce x2, SyrupGently
Salty BreezeChilli Sauce, Sour Juice x2Quickly
Sir Miss-a-lotChilli Sauce, Sour Juice x2Gently
Bloody MyltaChilli Sauce, Sour Juice, SyrupQuickly
Schezuan SauceChilli Sauce, Sour Juice, SyrupGently
Curry Honey GlopChilli Sauce, Syrup x2Quickly
Golden BoyChilli Sauce, Syrup x2Gently
Blue ShoeSour Juice x3Quickly
ChickenpolitanSour Juice x3Gently
Citrus Peach CoolerSour Juice x2, SyrupQuickly
NojitoSour Juice x2, SyrupGently
Golden PunchSour Juice, Syrup x2Quickly
Sweet ThoughtsSour Juice, Syrup x2Gently
Chicken MasterSyrup x3Quickly
Cherry BlossomSyrup x3Gently
Apple JuiceSour Juice, Syrup x 2, IceGently
Conflict and CompromiseSour Juice x2, Syrup, IceGently
Pulp FictionChilli Sauce, Sour Juice x2, IceGently
Pi-GiChilli Sauce x3, IceGently
Severny SlingChilli sauce x2, Syrup, IceGently
Crystal ColadaSyrup x3, IceQuickly

Oasis Fresh Rewards

Making drinks nets you so some rewards, too, which you can check out below:

  • 10 drinks: Supply Crate coupon
  • 15 drinks: Rose Sunglasses
  • 20 drinks: 5 Classic Crate coupon scraps
  • 25 drinks: 300 AG
  • 30 drinks: Pilot jacket
  • 34 drinks: SKS Tsunami skin

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