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The best PS4 Black Friday 2015 deals - mega-round-up of the cheapest prices

It's time to spend to save. Looking for the best PS4 deals this Black Friday? This is the page for you.

PS4 Black Friday Deals - the best prices on hardware and software

If you're looking for the best PS4 deals on Black Friday 2015, you've come to the right place. We're going to be updating constantly with all the best links to save you money on the biggest, stupidest, most salesiest day of the retail year.

We've broken everything out for you into handy sections. If you're looking for the best hardware deals, for example, just look in the "Console and Bundle Deals" segment. You'll find everything split out into US and UK links, so you should have no problem finding PS4 consoles, games or accessories quickly and easily.

The Black Friday sale doesn't start until November 27, but you should bookmark this page now. We'll make sure all the sales links appear in the relevant sections below as they emerge, and we'll be updating with all the best lightning deals on the day itself. You won't miss a thing. Everyone’s looking for a great PS4 deal with Black Friday approaching, so stay with us to make sure you get the best savings before anyone else.

As you'll see from the section on the history of Black Friday below, online sales last year hit record heights, so you're going to have to be quick to make sure you profit. But bear in mind that the bargains don't just happen on the sales days themselves. We're seeing retailers post discounts weeks in advance, so be sure to check back here regularly to ensure you beat the crowds.

Best and cheapest PS4 console deals

  • US
    • Nothing here yet! Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy and Gamestop are likely to have some great deals but check back for more deals as we approach November 27
  • UK
    • Nothing here yet! Amazon, Ebay, GAME and Zavvi had some of the best deals last year but check back for more deals as we approach November 27.

Best PS4 games deals

All the best PS4 bundle deals

Best PS4 Accessory Deals

  • UK
    • Nothing here yet! Check back for more deals as we approach November 27.

What is Black Friday?


Black Friday is a retail sales day, the Friday following Thanksgiving in the US. Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, meaning Black Friday is always on a Friday. Or it'd be Black The Day After Thanksgiving. And no one wants that.

Cyber Monday is also a thing, following after everyone's had a rest on the Saturday and Sunday.

Black Friday's considered to be the start of the American Christmas shopping season, and has spread to the UK since going fully international in 2014. British online retailers such as Amazon.co.uk have taken to it with gusto, and UK gamers are now just as likely to pick up bargains as their American cousins.

Why should I care about Black Friday?

Why exactly should you need to pay proper attention to Black Friday and Cyber Monday? There's an easy answer: you can save a fortune. As well as bringing some massive discounts on expensive technology items, such as HD TVs and stereo equipment, video games, gaming PCs and consoles all line up for large savings. You don't want to miss any of this, so make sure you bookmark this page now.

If you want the best prices, you're not the only one. According to the National Retail Foundation, the four-day Thanksgiving weekend dragged in a staggering $50.9 billion. While that's down on previous years, interest in Black Friday and competition to grab the best deals remains immense. Black Friday 2014 gave Walmart its second best online results of all time, with Walmart.com serving more then 500 million page impressions. Physical traffic to Walmart stores more than doubled on Black Friday from 2013 to 2014.

More than 87 million people bought something in the Black Friday sales in the US last year. That's a lot of millions of people.

Britain got fully involved in 2014. JohnLewis.com saw traffic increased more than 300% compared to the previous year. Web traffic to Currys PC World increasing five-fold year-over-year.

According to internet retail experts IMRG, British shoppers spent an estimated £810m on Black Friday in 2014, over 50% more than expected.

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What about games on Black Friday?

Consoles, in particular, are hotly desired on Black Friday as they make up Christmas presents for so many people. Just keep an eye on this page during the sales. We'll be updating constantly with the best deals on PS4 hardware, software and accessories in both the US and UK. With so many people scouring retailers for cut-prices, you're going to have to be on the ball to grab a bargain.

Xbox One emerged the winner from Black Friday in 2014, accounting for 53% of all consoles sold during the sales. It remains to be seen how the weekend will pan-out for the console manufacturers this year, as Xbox One had a rough launch in 2013 and PlayStation 4 had enjoyed a long string of monthly retail wins leading up to Black Friday last year. PS4 accounted for only 31% of the console purchase market during Black Friday 2014.

According to surveys last year, 66% of all console purchases were made by adults for children. PS4 was most popular with adults, with more than half questioned saying they were picking up the console for themselves.

Digital game sales were also massive on Black Friday 2014: customers spent 23% more around the Thanksgiving holiday on PC DLC Black Friday 2013.

“Traditionally, digital games do not follow the drastic seasonal spikes of retail, which remains vastly dominant during the holiday season,” noted SuperData. “Retail’s huge discounts on hardware were instrumental in driving digital mobile and console game sales, earning revenues of $355 million and $111 million, respectively.

“Overall, spending on digital games reached over one billion in sales in November, as the holiday frenzy reaches critical mass.”

Did anything go wrong last year?

Sure did. When 87 million people try to do anything together, you're going to get some bloody noses. At the less serious end of the problem scale, BestBuy.com got flattened by consumers looking for deals, and the store was forced to take its site offline "in order to take proactive measures to restore full performance".

Sometimes, though, downsides to such crazy buying activity aren't so banal. There is a darker side to Black Friday, especially in the US, with the sales having long been associated with chaotic scenes of stampeding crowds and violent struggles. People have even been killed in the rush to get a cheap TV, so you're probably best off sticking to this page and keeping as eye out for the best PS4 deals as we update. Seems safer.

Don't believe us? Watch this.

Or this. The madness isn't restricted to the US. You'll see footage of people collapsing in a crowd in a British Tesco in the video below.

The spread of deals around Black Friday has caused some to be pessimistic about whether or not the event has a future at all. Cheap, for some, does not necessarily equal good.

What can you expect from Black Friday 2015?

While Black Friday 2014 caused no end of chaos in the UK - to the extent that ASDA has already confirmed that it won't be participating this year - retailers should be better prepared this time. The national press started spelling out how things can be better as far back as March of this year, and you should expect a far tighter execution of deals by physical retailers such as Tesco. British shoppers alone are expected to spend more than £1 billion over the sales, a new record for the country.

Online retailers, such as Amazon, are now old hands at handling the intense rush of Black Friday, and Amazon.co.uk last year deployed a long-running stream of flash deals for games, general tech and other goods. There's no question than Black Friday 2015 will bring the best PS4 and Xbox One deals of the entire year, so if you're in the market for Christmas presents the Black Friday weekend will be the best place to get the best prices.

Another main item to watch is the HD TV, and especially 4K TVs. TVs are traditionally a massive hit on Black Friday, again because of their desirability as Christmas presents, and retailers usually offer stunning deals on big screens. Black Friday 2015 will be no exception, so if you're thinking of upgrading your TV for Christmas you should be watching the sales closely. We'll be adding the best tech sales links to this page, so even if you're looking for PS4 deals you'll be able to keep up with discounts on other hardware.

Best deals by retailer


The online giant has some of the better deals on the market, both in the US and the UK, during the holiday shopping extravaganza. However, many of the best deals are only available for a set amount of time. You'll have to be persistent and refresh the page every hour or so. There will also be daily and weekly deals in case you aren't glued to your computer screen 24 hours at a time. You can expect plenty of game, console and accessory sales, and probably even a few deals on video cards and other PC parts.


Nintendo kicked the shopping weekend off last year by discounting ten titles on the eShop - five each for Wii U and 3DS. More deals were added over the weekend, and we see no reason why the House of Mario won't do the same this year. While it's a bit unlikely Nintendo will offer discounts on brand new releases, it would still be wise to check. We expect to see 2015 spring and early summer releases to be discounted, and plenty of Virtual Console titles to receive markdowns. Be on the look out for Atlus titles. The company is great about slashing prices.



Like its competitors, GamersGate has plenty of sales throughout the year, but it is a great site for grabbing deeper discounts on last year's big guns during this period. Not to say new releases aren't available for discount, but its library consists of more than just the current flavors of the moment. There are Daily Deals, mobile titles, Linux and Mac offerings, and plenty of indies to whet your gaming appetite.



One of the PC crowd's go-to digital sites, it's hard NOT to find a great deal through CD Projekt's DRM-free store any time of the year. GOG is particularly fond of marking titles down to absurd prices, giving you more bang for your buck. It also has some of the best gaming bundles available on the market. Plus, it has a fair price guarantee: if a game in your region costs more than it does in the US, GOG will make up the difference out of its own pocket with store credit. It really is one of the better customer oriented digital stores out there. It's no wonder PC users love GOG.

Green Man Gaming

GMG had a great sale last year on Bethesda titles such as The Evil Within, Wolfenstein and Skyrim along with other popular titles. It usually also offers a discount code you can use in conjunction with some of its deals with up to 23% or more when entered at checkout. Be on the look out for discounts on best-sellers, new titles, and spotlight games.



PlayStation Store

Sony is always, and we mean always, hosting some sort of sale. The game lists are quite long and the discounts are nothing to sneeze at - and PlayStation Plus members get extra savings. Many of the sales are themed, and Flash Deals are abundant. Black Friday sales on the store are a yearly occurrence and the deals can be accessed through the online website or through any PlayStation console. Last year, the sale ended on December 1, providing PlayStation users plenty of time to net a discount.


EA offered up to 75% off during its Black Friday Mega Sale for PC game last year, and it sells titles produced by companies other than itself: CDP, Ubisoft, Capcom, Deep Silver, Square Enix and more. Still, EA produced games always take front and center, and it has no qualms about putting newer releases or downloadable content packages on sale. Look for deals on Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY, the Battlefield, FIFA and Mass Effect franchises, probably even a Need for Speed title will be tossed in for good measure.


The main go-to for PC users, Steam's annual fall sale contains so many titles, it's hard to keep track of everything. No doubt you can expect major discounts on triple-A, indies and everything in between. Deals change daily, and we'll keep an eye on the front page for you throughout the weekend. As with all seasonal sales on Steam, the final day is Encore Day with a selection of the most popular deals. Some people tend to wait for the encore to get an even deeper discount on their most wanted game, hoping it's included. We usually never take that chance. We aren't much on gambling.

Uplay Shop

Like Origin, Ubisoft offers titles other than its own through the Uplay store, but it has a more robust selection of third-parties for all platforms. Games from Bethesda, EA, Focus Home Interactive, Kalypso, Nordic, Paradox, SEGA, Square Enix, Warner, Valve and more can be found through the service. Uplay also has some really nice sales, so it's worth checking out. As far a Ubisoft titles go, we fully expect sales on all Tom Clancy games, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and Rainbow Six titles, and it may even put The Crew on sale if you've been holding out.

Xbox Marketplace

Microsoft discounts digital games for both Gold and Silver subscribers throughout the year, and on Black Friday weekend its even better. This is the place to check when you want a deal on an Xbox One or Xbox 360 title without having to leave the house. Microsoft is rather competitive, and it isn't shy when it comes to discounts. Xbox Live's Major Nelson does a fantastic job of alerting folks when a new deal goes up on the store, and we'll be following him closely again this year to help keep you doubly informed.


Best companies for tech deals



We expect the video card, GPU and CPU maker to discount its line of APUs again this year along with its Radeon series graphics cards. Who knows: maybe it will knock 10% or so off the Radeon R9 295X2. These discounts are pretty much set for all retail or online stores which sell the cards. So, head to your nearest Office Depot or online retailer that sells graphics cards. Like NewEgg or TigerDirect. Be sure to research, because some may offer extra discounts on top of the company mark down.



Hopefully, it will host another "every Friday is Black Friday" type sale during the month of November. There are all sorts of neat gadgets and computer hardware, speakers, internal and external hard drives, monitors, and accessories to be found on NewEgg and select games can also be purchased. Only the larger titles, usually. The company has a nice selection of laptops and it's one of the best places to buy Samsung hardware for less.



Those looking for a Shield tablet or the Shield portable console or anything else with the word Shield in it should keep and eye on the Nvidia website for bundle deals. Many of NV's offerings come with a digital copy of triple-A games, so if you are in the market for a new video card, you're likely to get a free game with it.




Laptop, tablets, desktops, monitors, keyboards, mice, wireless networking, PC accessories, flash drives, hard drives. You want it, Tiger Direct has it. Especially if you're looking for a new laptop. Fan of ASUS products? Tiger Direct probably has what you're looking for, along with some of the best prices on digital cables around. It even sells Xbox One bundles and accessories, PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, Wii and miscellaneous games.



The online deal site not only has the best product descriptions around, its pricing is far below what the sticker says at retail. Deals are constantly changing, even when it's not Black Friday, so you'll need to keep and eye on the site. In fact, you should probably sign up for the email notices or you may miss out on some really cool tech items.


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