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Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC Returning Pokemon list: every national dex Pokemon returning in the expansion pass

After months of controversy, a bunch of the national Pokedex Pokemon absent from Sword & Shield are back in the latest DLC. Here's a full list of all the returning Pokemon we know of so far.

The Pokemon Company has always been more about expanded full game re-releases than downloadable extras, but for the first time with Pokemon Sword & Shield a main pokemon series title is getting significant downloadable content in the form of a full expansion pass that players can now buy.

The DLC will release in two parts - first The Isle of Armor in June, then later on in the year The Crown Tundra. Each part of the DLC brings with it a variety of new features and the like - and that includes all-new Pokemon and returning Pokemon that weren't originally featured in the Galar Pokedex as it released in the main version of Sword & Shield.

You can learn more about the what's in the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield on our full guide to the expansion pass content - but let's talk about the additional Pokemon making their return as part of this content drop.

First off, it's important to note that you technically don't need to buy the DLC to get these returning Pokemon on your team. They'll all be added to the game via a patch that'll release alongside the Isle of Armor expansion pass content in June 2020 - and at that point you'll be able to trade these Pokemon into Sword & Shield from other sources such as Pokemon Go, Pokemon Home or trades with other Sword & Shield players.

But in order to catch them all natively in Sword & Shield, you'll need to visit the DLC areas, where all these additional Pokemon will appear. We know that there's in the region of 200 Pokemon returning - and right now from screenshots and other pre-release media, we've confirmed the identity of a little over eighty of them. Here's all 80 - but keep in mind not all will appear in June 2020 - as some will only appear once The Crown Tundra releases in the Fall.

PokemonImageOriginal Generation
Nidoran (M) 1
Nidorino 1
Nidoking 1
Nidoran (F) 1
Nidorina 1
Nidoqueen 1
Zubat 1
Golbat 1
Crobat 2
Psyduck 1
Golduck 1
Slowpoke (Galar form)1
Slowbro (Galar form)1
Slowking (Galar form)2
Magnemite 1
Magneton 1
Magnezone 4
Chansey 1
Blissey 2
Elekid 2
Electabuzz 1
Electivire 4
Horsea 1
Seadra 1
Kingdra 2
Azurill 3
Marill 2
Azumarill 2
Spheal 3
Sealeo 3
Walrein 3
Beldum 3
Metang 3
Metagross 3
Gible 3
Gabite 3
Garchomp 3
Zorua 5
Zorparl 5
Cryogonal 5
Larvesta 5
Volcarona 5
Fletchling 6
Fletchinder 6
Talonflame 6
Amanura 6
Aurorus 6
Dedenne 6
Rockruff 7
Lycanroc 7
Articuno 1
Zapdos 1
Moltres 1
Raikou 2
Entei 2
Suicune 2
Lugia 2
Ho-Oh 2
Regirock 3
Regice 3
Registeel 3
Latias 3
Latios 3
Kyogre 3
Groudon 3
Rayquaza 3
Uxie 4
Mesprit 4
Azelf 4
Dialga 4
Palkia 4
Heatran 4
Giratina 4
Cresselia 4
Tornadus 5
Landorus 5
Thundurus 5
Xerneas 6
Yveltal 6
Zygarde 6
Tapu Koko 7
Tapu Lele 7
Tapu Bulu 7
Tapu Fini 7

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