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Path of Exile gets new "Descent League" scenario, Race Season 3 detailed

Path of Exile developer Grinding Gears Games has outlined a new scenario and solo challenges for its third Race Season update.

In an update published today, the studio explained that the "Descent League" signature event will throw players into a series of short-term leagues that are separate from the main game, and will see them facing off against a series of monsters from all areas of the game in solo play.

The scenario will also include new characters and tough battles as players explore the depths of a dark cathedral on the outskirts of the Phrecian Forest. It's full of dungeons, secrets and bosses waiting to be felled. As you complete each floor, you will be given the option of opening one of two chests, each containing valuable loot.

In a a statement, Chris Wilson, Path of Exile's lead designer said, "Allowing players to replay the same event every few days is really interesting from a game design point of view. We expect that as players work out the best ways to build characters to handle the challenge we've constructed, they'll get deeper and deeper into the cathedral."

The studio will track players who reach the highest levels of the scenario throughout Race Season 3, and will give them pries for their achievement. The objects and characters will not carry over to the main Path of Exile game however, because that would wreck the game's balancing and sense of fair play.

What do you make of the new scenario? Let us know below.

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