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Overwatch PTR patch notes, July 6: the one with Doomfist

You already know that Doomfist is now playable on the Overwatch PTR, but it's worth posting the patch notes anyhow.

After what seemed like an entire year of hints, references, rumors and teases, Blizzard finally gave fans the new playable hero Doomfist today. Or villain, depending on how you look at such things. While we covered Doomfist rather extensively in the announcement post, he's also mentioned in today's Overwatch PTR patch notes.

As promised back in June, Blizzard is continuing its work on reducing duplicates in Loot Boxes, so if you didn't bother with the last PTR update, you'll receive five, standard PTR Loot Boxes to play around with today. As usual, these items won't carry over into the live game.

The Overwatch patch notes haven't changed much since the June 22 PTR update, but there were a few new entries added to the list, other than Doomfist of course. We've posted the additions below, and what we excluded can be found through the link above.

overwatch_doomfist (2)

Overwatch PTR patch, July 6 - Doomfist

New Hero: Doomfist (Offense)

  • Doomfist’s cybernetics make him a highly mobile, powerful frontline fighter. His primary attack is the Hand Cannon; this four-shot weapon fires projectiles from Doomfist’s knuckles one a time or in a single blast. With his secondary attack, Rocket Punch, he charges forward and delivers a devastating blow, knocking back any opponent it connects with and dealing extra damage if the enemy is hurled into a wall.
  • Seismic Slam smashes into a targeted area, knocking opponents toward him so he can deal further damage. His Rising Uppercut tosses enemies high into the air, while his passive ability, The Best Defense…, grants him shields every time he uses one of his abilities against an opponent. Lastly, his ultimate ability, Meteor Strike, causes him to leap high and drop into a targeted area, dealing massive amounts of damage.


  • Fixed an issue preventing “Best In Game” stats from being updated
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to lose audio during the match

Competitive Play

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to get a leaver penalty during off-season matches, even after the in-game banner advised it was safe to leave the match

Custom Games and Game Browser

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from joining custom games as a player when the number of spectator slots was set to 12
  • Fixed a bug that removed the “Healing Dealt” modifier for Mei, Reaper, and Roadhog in Custom Games settings


  • Fixed a bug that caused pilot D.Va to be visible in the MEKA cockpit before the Call Mech entrance animation played
  • Fixed a bug that triggered Junkrat’s ultimate callout, even when he was unable to actually use his ultimate


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Soldier: 76 from placing his Biotic Field in certain locations on Eichenwalde’s first point
  • Fixed a bug with that was causing unusual camera angles for Highlight Intros on Route 66

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