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Overwatch McCree guide: every gunslinging move explained

If you ever wanted to be an outlaw, now's your chance.

Overwatch McCree guide: every gunslinging move explained

In Arekzz's latest Hero Spotlight video, we take a look at Overwatch's gun-slinging vigilante, McCree. This is the second in his series, which takes a look at a specific character's moves, damage values, playstyle, and more.

Much like Genji and most of the other Offense heroes, McCree has 200 HP, but unlike some of the others, he doesn't have a passive.

The left click and the right trigger attack made by the Overwatch version of The Man With No Name produces a single shot from his revolver. Like most revolvers, the pistol holds six rounds, but unlike real-life, it allows McCree to shoot two bullets per second. And the reload speed is 1.5 seconds in total.

Each shot can crit to cause double damage, while a regular shot can deal from 35-70 damage. The reason the hit ranges vary is because of range brackets. Obviously, shooting a target which is closer will dole out more damage, and the further away you are, the less damage you will cause. This also means that the further away you are from the target, the more bullets you will have to use to take them down. Always aim for the head when you can: this means more damage and more chances to crit.

The right click and left is Fan the Hammer and while it will not crit, it provides the player with better damage options should the opportunity present itself. Much like fan firing an actual revolver, this move has quite a bit of recoil and fires bullets in a quick succession. This will empty your chamber in the process. All six rounds will come flying out in one second, and your reload time will hit at two seconds. Again, depending on range, each bullet will cause between 35-70 in damage. Since this move will not crit, aim for center mass.

Because Fan the Hammer leaves the player a bit vulnerable should they miss, it's best to follow this move with the next one.

Left shift or LB will produce the move Combat Roll. This will make McCree dive and roll in the direction in which he is moving. He can roll in any direction for six meters (19.685 feet) with an eight second cooldown. Using this move also instantly reloads the revolver, so if you unloaded all of your bullets using Fan the Hammer, be sure to Combat Roll, and then use Fan the Hammer again. It's much faster than the two second wait to reload.

The E or RB attack is Flashbang which is one of the most important moves in McCree's arsenal. This grenade will stun enemies for 0.7 seconds for up to 5 meters (16.4 feet) and it has a 2 meter (6 or so feet) blast range when it explodes. This works well when enemies are grouped up and deals 25 damage with a 10 second cooldown. While this move doesn't deal a lot of damage, that's not why you use it. You use it for its debilitating effects because once stunned, an enemy cannot move for the duration allowing you to unload on them with Fan the Hammer.

Flashbang can also stop various heroes from pulling off their ultimates, so use it as much as you can. If you play another character and are up against him, try to avoid his flash grenade. He doesn't have as many hit points as other heroes, but Flashbang will cause you quite a bit of annoyance.

McCree's biggest strength is he is capable of burning down pretty much every hero in the game, and this includes tanks. So, in short, the best way to play McCree goes like this: Flash Bang your enemy and then use Fan the Hammer. If they aren't dead yet, Combat Roll and use Fan the Hammer again to finish them off.

His Ultimate, Deadeye, is pretty nifty. It locks on to a number of enemies and upon firing, his pistol is capable of taking all out in one shot. After activation, movement speed will be slowed, and McCree will begin locking in on players in the vicinity. It takes one second per 170 health of each enemy in sight to charge fully and then once charged, all enemies in sight will once again be hit. If you see a red skull in the red bullseye when in Deadeye, it means that enemy can be one-shotted. Just a red bullseye means damage instead of a one shot.

Obviously you will want to give this video a watch for yourself, as we've just provided the basics and Arekkz goes into a bit more detail. Alternatively, you can have a look at McCree's written guide here.

If you need help with Overwatch or just want a few pointers, be sure to check out our guide. We update it on a regular basis.

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