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New World trading post — How to sell items in New World

One explorer's overpriced slime is another one's treasure

New World trading is one of the most important features in Amazon’s MMO and also one of the most confusing initially.

The New World trading post system is a complex system that takes some getting used to, but it rewards those who pay attention. You can make a hefty amount of gold if you're in tune with what the community around each post wants.

New World how to trade — Where to sell items in New World

New World has no traditional merchants, so selling unwanted goods at the trading post is your only way of earning money outside completing quests.

New World salvage items

There is one caveat to add here. You can choose the "salvage" option for items and junk you don't want anymore, and you'll get a miniscule amount of gold, plus some resources and repair kits.

Every town has a trading post where you can buy items for sale and post your own. Local economies determine what’s on offer and how much profit and loss both parties can expect. There’s a small posting fee and a tax on everything sold, so if you hawk 100 gold worth of oils, for example, you’ll only get 90 gold after the tax.

New World Sell Order and Buy Order

Another feature unique to New World’s trading post is the buying order. These let you purchase, or sell, a set number of items over a period of time at a price you specify before establishing the order. You’ll pay the total amount up front, then have it refunded if the order can’t be filled. Buy and Sell orders are tied to specific trading posts, which means you can have multiple simultaneous orders for the same item.

New World how to trade — How to make money in New World

Making money at New World’s trading posts is significantly easier once you’ve raised some skill levels and can harvest rarer materials. Items such as Aged Wood, potion-crafting materials, and, essentially, anything that requires effort to find or craft, almost always sells for decent amounts of gold.

The same goes for equipment. You might outgrow your gear fairly quickly, but new castaways are always looking for an upgrade, especially once they hit some of New World’s more difficult dungeons. A good practice to follow is putting your old weapons and armor up for sale as soon as you find something better, and if it doesn’t sell at one trading post, list it at another.

New World most valuable items

Three items regularly sold well during the beta and still seem to fetch a good price, though they’re a bit more difficult to get. Fish and fillets were in high demand, so it’s worth raising your fishing level to get higher quality results. Runes of Holding, available through faction quests, and bags you can craft or earn in quests are also regularly in high demand.

However, before posting anything, make sure to check the general asking price. It’s a good way to find bargains for yourself, but you might strike it lucky and earn substantially more gold if there’s a spike in demand for certain resources.

Gems are frequently in demand as well, so if you fancy taking some time to make them, you could earn yourself plenty of gold for your troubles

New World how to collect money from trading post

The short answer is: you don't. Money from sales and sell orders goes directly into your wallet. New World throws a small, easy-to-miss notification up when something sells, and there's nothing else you need to do to collect your money.

If you're just getting started in New World, you'll want to consider which faction is right for you and what the best character builds are.

We've also got some helpful overviews for where to find rare items, such as Fae Iron, Saltpeter, and Petal Cap. Some of the bosses you'll face for quests aren't the easiest to track down either, including Alastor the Vigilant.
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