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Multiplayer-only games a "ballache" to sell, says Gun Monkeys dev

Size Five Games' Dan Marshall has gone right off multiplayer games thanks to the developer's struggle to sell Gun Monkeys.


Speaking to Polygon, Marshall said multiplayer games are a pain.

"They're a ballache to make, they're a ballache to test, and it turns out they're a ballache to sell," he said.

"At the moment it's not a gamble I can afford to take, so I'm hopping straight back to single-player for the next game."

Size Five Games dropped the price of Gun Monkeys significantly today, saying it's the only way to get the servers populated enough to support those who've already purchased the game at its original price of $10.

"Our sense of value is completely out of whack if $10 is ‘too much' now for a whole, fun, hours-long video game," Marshall said.

"Ultimately, it's the people who had bought the game and were enjoying it who were suffering, and that's just not fair. Hence the price drop in the hopes of encouraging some new players to join in."

The full interview includes further discussion on how cheap mobile games are devaluing more substantial efforts; click through for Marshall's thoughts.

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