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Monster Hunter World: Where to find the Earth Crystal, Dragonite Ore and Herbivore Egg

With Monster Hunter World now on PC, the New World is finally yours to discover. One of the best things about the game is crafting the huge variety of armor and weaponry in the game. The only thing is, with so much to collect, there’s an even bigger variety of crafting materials to gather from the furthest reaches of the New World. Picking all them up is not always as straightforward as killing the biggest monster in an area, so here’s a helping hand with where to find Earth Crystal, Dragonite Ore and Herbivore Eggs.

Some crafting materials in Monster Hunter World are gathered from resource nodes around the map instead of killing monsters. Things like Warped Bones, Ancient Bones and Boulder Bones are gathered from bone piles, whereas items like Coral Crystal are collected from mining spots.

It’s a good idea to loot these spots whenever you see them, because most of the materials on offer there are integral to crafting much of Monster Hunter World’s armor sets, and all of the best weapons in Monster Hunter World.


Where to find Earth Crystal in the Wildspire Waste:

Earth Crystals are obtained as a rare drop from mining nodes in the Wildspire Waste.

The best place to farm these is at the southern end of area 6 on the map, where there are four nodes in close proximity. Head north from area 5 into area 6 and turn right, there should be two mining spots directly in front of you. Then head directly south into the cul de sac, there should be two more spots in there.

Then you can either wait until the nodes respawn, or fast travel out of the area and then run back to the mining spots.

Where to find Dragonite Ore in the Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale:

You can find Dragonite Ore as a rare drop from mining spots in both the Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale.

There are good farming spots on both maps, so choose either based on your preference and how far you've progressed in the game.

In the Coral Highlands, the best place to farm mining nodes in on the border between areas 10 and 11, on the western side of area 11. Head northwest of the Northeast Camp and you should see three spots next to each other. Once you hit those, you can either wait for them to respawn, fast travel away from the area and then back again to reset them, or head south and collect three more rocks at the three points of the triangular clearing in area 8.

In the Rotten Vale the best farming method is to hit the four mining spots that’re close to each other in areas 12 and 15. The nodes are on the western side of area 12 and the southern fork of area 15.

Where to find Herbivore Eggs:

Herbivore Eggs are not straight forward to collect at all, or really crafting items for that matter. When you collect them, you have to physically carry them back to camp without taking a hit or they'll break. When you've returned them to camp you can get additional rewards, which you can then use to craft things. They also serve as objectives for quests.

What you have to do to seek them out is find areas in any of Monster Hunter World’s maps with Herbivorous creatures, like Aptonoth in the Ancient Forest or Kelbi in the Wildspire Waste and Coral Highlands. Then you have to look for places that they congregate and search them for nests - these nests are where you’ll find the herbivore eggs.

Good places to search are the areas around the first camps you set up in an area, like area 1 near the Southwest Camp in the Ancient Forest and areas 1 and 4 in the Wildspire Waste.

Once you've picked them up, the surrounding monsters will turn aggressive, and you'll have to get out of the area as fast as possible to avoid breaking the egg. You can make this easier by equipping the Kulu arm armor with the "Pro Transporter" armor skill. Don't roll around a lot or let your stamina completely run out either - that'll break the egg too.

If you get bored of farming crafting materials, it might be time to test out your new gear on a hunt. We’re putting together a list of every large monster in Monster Hunter World, with details on their strengths, weaknesses and drops.

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