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Monster Hunter World: Where to find Coral Crystal and Coral Bone in the Coral Highlands

After months of saint-like patience Monster Hunter World is finally out on PC, and so far has delivered on its pre-release promises, with dozens of hours of deep and varied gameplay on offer. However, a byproduct of this complexity means that it can be difficult to find some of the game’s most commonly needed crafting materials - so we’ve done the field research to show you where to go. Here’s where to find Coral Crystal and Coral Bone in Monster Hunter World.

Coral Crystal and Coral Bone are important items, because they let you craft a variety of Monster Hunter World’s most powerful weapons and some of the best armor in Monster Hunter World.

These crafting materials are particularly difficult to find, because they’re not directly associated with particular monsters like aqua sacs are with Jyuratodus and flame sacs are with Anjanath.


Where to find Coral Crystal in the Coral Highlands:

Coral Crystal is obtained from mining points in the Coral Highlands. Just walk up to them with your weapon sheathed and hit Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox. Coral Crystal is a quite a rare drop from rock outcrops, so you’ll probably have try a few times to collect the resources you need.

The best place to farm Coral Crystal is the border between areas 10 and 11 on the map. There are three outcrops on the western side of area 11, just northwest of the Northeastern Camp.

The outcrops will respawn on their own over time, but if you don’t want to wait around there, you can fast travel away from the area and then go back again. You can repeat this until you’ve found what you came for. Once you’ve seen them once, mining points will be marked on your map, so you shouldn’t lose where they are.

Where to find Coral Bone in the Coral Highlands:

Coral Bone is looted from bone piles in the Coral Highlands and, like the Coral Crystal, relies on a bit of luck to find.

There are several respawning bone piles for you to collect throughout the Coral Highlands, but the best place to farm them is area 2 on the map where there are 3 close together. Follow the path that runs through area 2 from south to north and bear east at the fork, you should see all three as you make you way along. The first two should be on your right hand side, with the third one on the left.

Once you’ve visited all three bone piles, you can return to the start of the path and wait for the piles to replenish. Alternatively, you can return to the fork in the path and take the western path. There should be another bone pile in the clearing in area 4 of the map. There’s another northwest of there as well, at the top of area 3 on your map.

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Or if it’s more weapons you’re after, we’ve found a way to collect the Japan-exclusive USJ Azure Star longsword even if you’re in the west.

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