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Monster Hunter World Street Fighter event quest: how to get the Ryu armor, hadouken and shoryuken emotes and other bonus items

Monster Hunter World's Street Fighter cross-over has begun - here's how to get the new gear it adds.

A big part of Monster Hunter is always the cross-over content with other gaming series, and following on from the Horizon Zero Dawn cross-over Monster Hunter World is now getting its second cross-over quests and items, this time for the Street Fighter series. The cross-over exists to cross-promote Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition and Monster Hunter World, and there's new items and gear in both games.

Street Fighter favorites Ryu and Sakura are both joining Monster Hunter World in the form of armor sets that when equipped make you look just like the SF5 versions of those classic characters. There's also Hadouken and Shoryuken emotes, stickers and a guild card background and pose. If you're a Street Fighter player the cross-over continues over there too, with free unlockable Monster Hunter Costumes for SF5 characters launching very soon. Here's how to get the new gear...

How to get the Ryu Armor and Street Fighter 5 cross-over items

As Arekkz explains above, the new gear is currently in a limited time early-access period. Currently, only people who have a Street Fighter 5 save file on their machine will be able to access the cross-over in Monster Hunter World - and given that Street Fighter 5 isn't on Xbox, that also makes this early access period PS4-exclusive. Worry not, however: it will come to PS4 players who don't own Street Fighter 5 and Xbox owners of Monster Hunter World at a later date.

There is a method around this for PS4 players, however: if you don't own the game and have no plans to but also don't want to wait, the best thing to do is to find a fighting game loving friend and join their version of the quest from the quest board. You'll still get the rewards. You can also do this with strangers - head to the quest board, hit online session, then search for an online session, filter the search so it only shows event quests and then look for strangers posting the quest.

If you've got access to a Street Fighter 5 save file yourself all you'll need to do is head to the Gathering Hall and post the quest. It has to be the Gathering Hall as it's actually counted as a Challenge Quest despite being a limited-time event. Chat to the arena managing lady and check her challenge quests to get the quest set up and posted.

The quest is called "Down the Dark, Muddy Path" and it challenges you to Slay a Barroth. It's a three-star quest, so it's relatively accessible. There is a catch, however, and that's that this Barroth is giant - several times the size of a regular one.

Participating in and completing the quest will get you the materials you need to craft the Ryu Armor and get the other bonus SF-themed items in the form of an 'SFV Ticket' item. You'll need seven of these to make the full armor set, and how many tickets each run gets you will be determined by your rank. Once you've got the parts you need you can head to the smithy and forge the armor set.

The Ryu armor set has to be worn as one piece, all-or-nothing, and it changes your appearance completely to Ryu's, even adjusting your voice. The armor gives you a bunch of boosts: level one attack boost, health boost and defense boost, plus level two latent power. You can see it all in action in the video above, so check that out.

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