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Monster Hunter World: here's a full gameplay breakdown of the E3 demo streamed by Capcom today

Today, Capcom Japan livestreamed the Monster Hunter World demo which was shown to press behind-closed-doors at E3 2017 last week. This is the same footage which popped up online earlier this morning, only it's not off-screen.

The first video above is footage from the livestream of Monster Hunter World. It's just shy of 25 minutes, but if you want to watch the entire stream which also featured a Q&A, the Capcom Channel has posted it on YouTube. You can read a transcript of the Q&A over on RPG Site.

In the video below, Arekkz provides a breakdown of the gameplay seen in the video, which is helpful, even more so if you don't speak Japanese.

There are a few main takeaways from what was shown today. One is the Fast Travel option, which will allow players to move quickly to designated locations. We covered this before for you, but it bears repeating, because it's never fun to always be forced to run from place to place, especially when the game maps are so large. Players will also be able to pull the entire map up instead of always having to rely on the minimap.

Another point made, was that players are able to equip a weapon while at the base camp even during quests. This is also where players will be given quests. One such piece of equipment which can be used by players is a grappling hook to reach higher areas - something Alex was made aware of during his time spent watching the demo at E3.

Players are also able to change the voice language of in-game characters from English to the fictional language of the game. Same for Japanese language speakers.

In the demo above, you also get to see a carnivore swallow prey whole - and not small prey either. It's a rather big lunch. It takes it back to the nest to feed it's youngsters, again, like Alex saw during the E3 demo. You'll notice the meal's mate wasn't too pleased with watching its partner being swallowed. As Arekkz notes in the video, this particular monster doesn't target you straight away as it would in previous Monster Hunter titles. This is because it doesn't see the player as a threat - at least in this instance. So, the player is save at this point to watch how the monsters interact with others on the world map.

Gathering of general resources such as herbs, or honey as shown in the demo, can be gathered as the player walks by. Of course, with resources gathering such as mining, the player will need to stop and take a pickax to the mineral.

Stealth will also play an important role in Monster Hunter World. Whereas before, to escape from a monster, the player could just leave the zone which would pull up a loading screen. Since the maps are open, the monster will continue to chase the player over the entire map, even bursting through environmental object. This is when hiding in the bushes to escape a monster will come in handy. That said, as we previously told you, a monster smashing through a wall can also reveal new paths and if you are able to keep your wits about you, it's possible to trap the monster using environmental elements such as vines.

To keep from fighting monsters in a tight space, players can draw them out. This can be done by tossing a rock, for instance, as they will follow the sound.

There's plenty of more information provided on the Monster Hunter World demo above by Arekkz, and he goes rather in-depth. If you're looking forward to the game, you will definitely want to give it a watch. If you missed anything pertaining to the game due to all the E3 noise, we have you covered here as well.

Monster Hunter World is out in 2018 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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