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Monster Hunter World: The best mixed set for farming bone piles and mining outcrops

Whether it’s monster hides, potion ingredients or upgrade materials, Monster Hunter World has a ton of items to collect. One of the best ways to accrue everything you need is to rinse the same resource nodes over-and-over during expeditions - but this can be tedious and time-consuming. Luckily, you can speed up this process with certain combinations of armor pieces that grant bonuses when you’re scavenging. Here’s the best armor set we’ve found for farming bone piles and ore from mining outcrops.

This set is comprised of high-rank armor pieces because they have multiple skills. If you haven’t seen a lot of the sets that these individual pieces come from, we’ve also got a list of every armor set in Monster Hunter World, along with all the skills.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, we’ve embedded a video by Arekkz below which goes over this whole set in detail.

What’s the best armor set for farming items and resources in Monster Hunter World?

  • Shamos Goggles Alpha
  • Rathian Mail Alpha
  • King Beetle Brachia Beta
  • Hunter’s Coil Beta
  • King Beetle Cura Beta

Optionally, you can add the Hunter’s Life charm to the set, and slot two Geology Jewels in to the King Beetle Brachia, two Specimen Jewels into the King Beetle Crura, and a further Specimen Jewel into the Hunter’s Coil.

The best thing about this mixed armor set is that it gives you extra materials every time you loot a resource node, so you don’t have to do any extra work to find spots. You just have to scavenge as you normally would, but you get more for your time investment.

It might not be the best looking set, but it works.

If you can’t see the King Beetle set in your Smithy, you need to have a Great Hornfly. Which we have a whole guide on how to get. In short, you have to cultivate bugs at the Botanical Center and fertilize with Summoner Jelly.

Equipping all of these pieces means that you have high rank in the following armor skills:

  • Botanist - so you gather more herbs, mushrooms, fruit, nuts and insects
  • Geologist - so you gather more items at bone piles and mining outcrops
  • Entomologist (if you slotted the jewels) - so large bugs like Vespoids always leave a lootable corpse
  • Master Fisher - which makes it easier to catch large fish
  • Master Gatherer - speeds up your gathering animation
  • Forager’s Luck - makes rare gathering points more likely to spawn
  • Detector - marks rare gathering points on the map

If you’re a fan of mixed sets, then be sure to check out our guide to the best high-rank armor build in Monster Hunter World.

And if you’re having trouble finding particular items like Coral Crystal, Coral Bone, Warped Bone or Sinister Cloth, then we have guides on where to find them all too.

Another great way to farm items is to cultivate them in Astera. When you first gain access to the mechanic though, space is limited, so here's how to unlock more farming slots at the Botanical Research Center.

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