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Monster Hunter World: check out the Coral Highlands in this new gameplay footage

Monster Hunter World continues to look pretty wonderful in this new gameplay footage.

Arekkz has gone over some Japanese-language gameplay footage of the game, fresh from the Tokyo Game Show, and picked up on everything new and exciting from it.

The Coral Highlands, which first popped up in the trailer released during the show, has the look of an underwater environment without any of the, uh, water (there is no underwater combat in World). In this footage, three major monsters are shown off. There's coral everywhere, everything's glowing, and there's a lovely mix of colours in the environment (and fewer murky browns and greys than one might expect in a Monster Hunter game).

The footage also shows off jets of wind that you can float up in, Breath of the Wild style, and smaller monsters that you can hook onto and use for transport - hit them with your slinger and they'll carry you on a predetermined path.

The first monster revealed in this footage is a blue raptor like creature, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, that the Monster Hunter is shown tracking and eventually fighting. It has the ability to flash a light that blinds both hunters and other monsters - if you're blinded, you need to wiggle the stick until you're able to move again. This move is fairly easy to dodge, though, and it looks like Tzitzi-Ya-Ku isn't intended to be a major challenge.

After that, the Hunter goes after Paolumu, a weirdly pretty cross between a cat and a bat with a huge inflatable neck. It's...a strange one. When it inflates it becomes very hard for melee players to hit, but you can mount it and do some damage as it flies around. This creature has some extremely expressive animations

Finally, the video showcases Legiana, a big ol' dragon thing with ice attacks. This is the 'apex predator' of Coral Highlands, and will attack anything that comes into its path, feeding on lesser creatures. The video does not actually show the hunter fighting Legiana, but hanging back as it takes on a Paolumu. It's a good look at the infrastructure of this world.

Monster Hunter World will launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on January 26, 2018.

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