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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Layered Armor and how to get Outfit Vouchers

Hunters have *layers*

You need to look your best while hunting monsters – well, not really, but Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Layered Armor is there to make sure you can anyway. Sunbreak adds a whole new set of Layered Armor, with Master Rank spins on classic sets and some brand-new designs for Elgado’s new behemoths. Getting the new Sunbreak Layered Armor takes a lot of time and quest grinding, though.

What is Layered Armor in Sunbreak?

Layered Armor is essentially Monster Hunter’s glamor system, a set of themed armor that goes over your regular gear without altering the stats. If you’d rather have a coherent look instead of being Frankenstein’s monster hunter, then Layered Armor is for you.

How to get Master Rank Layered Armor

The catch is that outside Amiibo armor and DLC, you can only get Layered Armor starting at Hunter Rank 8 and beyond. You need Outfit Vouchers as well.

Sunbreak’s Layered Armor sets are a mix of X-rank variations on regular Layered Armor and new sets made from Sunbreak’s new monsters. These are, naturally, only available once you reach Master Rank, finish Sunbreak’s main quest, and start earning an upgraded version of Outfit Vouchers.

A list of afflicted monster research quests

How to get and farm Outfit Vouchers in Sunbreak

You can earn regular Outfit Vouchers from completing quests at Hunter Rank 8 and beyond or by completing Apex Rampages. Sunbreak removed Rampages, but it does have Anomaly quests, where you investigate and defeat certain afflicted monsters.

These unlock at Master Rank 10 and come in four rarity tiers, with different monsters available at each tier.

You need at least two Master Rank Outfit Vouchers for one piece of Master Rank Layered Armor. Each set has five pieces, so expect grinding for Armored Layer is pretty much Sunbreak’s endgame content for now, until Capcom releases new hunts.

There's plenty of stat-altering armor to work towards as well, and you'll need plenty of rare crafting ingredients for it. Finding Ultimas Crystal, Awegite, and Allfire Stone is your best bet in the early stages, so you can craft strong armor to help take down the likes of Daimyo Hermitaur and Shogun Ceanatuar.

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