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When is the Minecraft Cliffs and Caves update out?

Headin' underground

If you’re wondering when the Minecraft Cliffs and Caves update is out, you don’t have long to wait.

The second part of Mojang’s expansive update releases soon and brings some big terrain changes along with it, though a few promised inclusions won’t spring up until 2022.

Minecraft Cliffs and Caves release date and release time

Mojang split the Cliffs and Caves update. The first half released in June, with new mobs, blocks, and the adorable Axolotl. The second part launches November 30 with big changes to terrain and biomes.

There’s no set time for when on November 30 Cliffs and Caves releases, though most updates tend to drop around 12 p.m. EST/5 p.m. GMT. We expect the new update will likely release around the same time.

What’s new in Minecraft Cliffs and Caves?

Cliffs and Caves Part 2 is just as big, if not bigger, than the first half.

Digging below Y=0 in Minecraft

Cliffs and Caves Part 2 adds the Deepslate Layer, a new region below Y=0 that extends how low you can dig to -64. The Deepslate Layer includes gold, redstone, and iron ore, along with other mining resources, but not all caves are the same.

New caves in Minecraft - Dripstone, Lush, and more

Cliffs and Caves Part 2 introduces Noise Caves, vast underground chambers in two varieties: cheese and spaghetti. Cheese caves are more open, while spaghetti caves live up to their namesake with their long, narrow corridors. There’s a chance you’ll stumble across flooded segments in caves as well, and you’ll finally be able to explore Lush Caves.

Lush Caves lie hidden under azalea trees in the overworld and are full of new flora to harvest, including root blocks, spores, moss, and the new Dripleaf plant. Once the update is live, you'll find Axolotl here, instead of in underground river systems.

There’s also the Dripstone Cave variant, though the only thing of note here is the new Dripstone block.

Cliffs and Caves Part 2 terrain changes

Digging below 0 is only one of the major new terrain changes. Cliffs and Caves Part 2 also increases the maximum block height, up to 255, which means bigger mountains and new biomes up high.

  • Mountain Meadow: Between Y=100 and Y=140, includes berry bushes and dandelions, but no trees
  • Mountain Grove: Between Y=110 and Y=140, on the lower slopes of mountains. Can include snow blocks, polar bears, rabbits, and powder snow.
  • Snowy Slopes: Between Y=140 and Y=170, includes goats, but no plants
  • Lofty Peaks: Above Y=170, no life
  • Stony Peaks: Between Y=170 Y=260, here there be goats
  • Snow Capped Peaks: Also between Y=170 and Y=260, but only if it’s cold enough. Can find goats, packed ice, and more snow blocks

What about the Deep Dark in Minecraft?

Mojang promised the Deep Dark and the Warden for Cliffs and Caves, but pushed them out to 2022 as part of the Wild update instead. The Wild update will include more mobs and blocks, mangroves, and new ways to experience Minecraft as well. The dev team just needs a bit more time to bring it all to life.

If you can't get enough Minecraft or its adult-only content is too much for you, check out Minecraft Dungeons as well. Mojang is keeping to its take on Diablo alive and well, including a season pass and more content in the coming months.

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