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Metro Exodus FAQs - Railcar, Teddy Bear, Guitar, Gas Can puzzle, Duke

The third instalment in the cult series, Metro Exodus, is the most ambitious and open title from 4A Games yet, with dense, explorable environments and tonnes of hidden items. moreFor all its strengths though, Exodus can be unclear at times, so here’s a round-up of the most common questions we’ve seen, including: how find Nastya's Teddy, free the railcar, and find the gas can - and more.

I’ve tried to keep things vague enough, and as chronological as possible, but beware of mild spoilers in the headers of these sections.

Teddy Bear and Guitar locations

Again in the Volga area, among the rubble of ruined society you’ll find a few remnants that you can bring back as gifts for your crew.

If you leave your train from the east rather than towards the south and walk along next to the river, you’ll eventually find a electrical tower that’s been taken over by bandits. Take out the bandits and at the top of the tower, which you can climb using the stairs and ladders around its sides, and you’ll find the guitar.

Once you’ve rescued Katya and Nastya from the church, the little girl Nastya will ask you to retrieve her lost Teddy Bear. To find it, you have to climb the gas silo in the southeast of the Volga map and take the Teddy from the nest of the flying mutant at its summit.

For a better idea of where to go and what to do, we’ve embedded a video from YouTuber Rich, who shows the Teddy location in better detail:

How to get the Railcar in Metro Exodus

With the help of the mechanic Krest, to get the Aurora back on the rails Artyom first needs to find the Railcar in “The Terminal”.

To get to the Terminal, head east along the train tracks from the Aurora and you’ll eventually come to a cylindrical shelter where you’ll meet Duke.

Once you’ve talked to him continue past his shelter east towards the Terminal. As you get closer, bear right but keep heading east into the frozen swamps. You’ll have to cross the river to get to the Terminal, but there’s a boathouse at the riverbank you should be approaching to get across.

Row the boat straight forward from its mooring and you should be able to enter the Terminal through the water entrance. Keep heading forwards until you way in blocked, then get out of your boat and climb the broken pipe up and to your left. This is the area with the Railcar.

Now follow the path through the Terminal, fending off the mutants in your way. It’s pretty straight until you’re pulled into the water.

After you’ve climbed out, what you’re trying to do is make your way back to the terminal hangar door near where you came in, but via a circuitous route around the edge of the room.

It’s a dark and complicated route, so we’ve embedded a video from Trane067 showing the way to go. The after the water section starts at 6:31:

Once you’ve made it to the door hold the prompt to open it, then go through the smaller door on its far side and pull the lever on your right on the other side.

This gives you a clear run to drive the Railcar back to the Aurora, stopping to change the tracks in front of you and clear a bandit roadblock along the way.

Where to find the Gas Can in Metro Exodus

Some of the upgrades scattered around the Volga map are locked behind puzzles. One such upgrade is the extra battery which extends the usefulness of equipment like the Charger.

When you happen on this hut, it’s not straightforward how to proceed. What you need to do is pick up gas cans from next to the generator and pour the fuel into it to get it started. Remember to check outside next to the window, next to the tank.

Then go inside and use the switch on the wall to the left of the first metal door on the left. As you head around you’ll be confronted with a locked door. To proceed, you need to climb on the downed telephone pole behind you, using it to get onto the roof.

Next, drop through the hole in the roof and interact with the fuse box on the wall. Now turn around and open the locked door behind you. Now go back through the first metal door and use the switch on the right of the door to your left.

Finally, go through this door and pull the lever in front of you to the right.

You’ll then be able to retrieve the battery from the body.

The video below from Guernica shows the whole process:

Can you save Duke?

Although it doesn’t tell you right away, Metro Exodus drops subtle hints that your choices might have consequences down the line. For instance, if you’re don’t slip out of the Church undetected, you’ll be told “they’ll hate us even more now”.

Without spoiling too much, events at the end of the Volga chapter can lead to Duke’s death. However, you can save Duke by completing the majority of your objectives non-violently.

For example, in the Tsar-Fish Church you have to try and sneak past the cultists to make your escape. You also have to refrain from killing Traders while on their barge. And finally, when you’re trying to cross the Tsar-Fish Cultists’ barricade you have to stealthily make your way to Silantius without killing his Paladins.

Knocking people out is fine, but knifing them - either while they’re unaware or surrendered - is not cool.

Mutants got you down? Check out our guide on Metro Exodus' best weapons.

For more on Metro Exodus, take a look at our full review.

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