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Injustice 2: how to level up fast and boost each character to max level

Level up in a flash.

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One of the things that's really special about Injustice 2 is the depth of what the game has to offer. Sure, it's a fighting game - and that means at heart it is most at home when two players are battling it out one-on-one, either online or off. The DC superhero fighter is so much more than that however, with an absolute slew of modes and unlockable content that you can very quickly sink a lot of hours into.

Every one of the game's cast can be levelled up in an RPG-style fashion - and doing so is more important than you might think. Your character level isn't just for bragging rights, since character level actually locks away certain pieces of character equipment and so on.

Each character has a maximum level of 20, and here's the good news: it's actually pretty reasonable to grind and boost each character to 20 in a relatively short amount of time. All it takes is the right know-how. We're here to help with that.

Injustice 2: tips for grinding out exp to level up

First thing's first - it's worth noting that pretty much everything you do in Injustice 2 will gain you character experience. This goes for both single-player and multiplayer content, meaning that if you just sink your teeth into the hefty solo content in Injustice you'll still find yourself very happy with the end result.

Here's some general tips for maximising your EXP gain:

  • EXP is rewarded pretty smartly in Injustice, with the game taking into account things like how you play. If you play well you'll be given more EXP than if you simply stand back and zone out an enemy with projectile attacks or if you find yourself getting smacked around a lot. Aim to play well to boost your bonuses.
  • There are gear items in Injustice 2 that give you bonus EXP. This gear ranges greatly - some will offer smaller EXP gains passively whenever worn, while others will require you to perform certain actions within a match in order to unlock its bonus, which will be a little larger as a result. Consider the gear you use carefully in order to maximise EXP gain.
  • In single player, difficulty matters - so if you're able to do so, play on a higher difficulty. Even taking into account how Injustice rewards players for playing well you'll be rewarded more for a more difficult match that's hard-fought than for an easy-mode steamrolling. Challenge yourself as much as you can.
  • If all else fails, you can cough up Source Crystals and real money. After you've raised your first character up to the maximum of level 20 the game lets you boost with source crystals. Pay 10,000 Source Crystals and you'll immediately boost a character of your choice to level 20. Source Crystals are given to you pretty rarely as you play, but you can also buy them if you're so inclined. They range in price from a dollar upwards, but a pack of 11,000 Source Crystals will set you back $4.99, for the record.

These are our basic tips, but if you want a sure-fire method to grind out levels in a fairly fast but also basic and repetitive manner, we've got you covered: if you have the time, you can boost to level 20 in very little time at all. Read on...

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Injustice 2: How to get to max level quickly

The fastest way we've seen so far to level a character up to level 20 will require you to have 2 controllers and will involve you pressing your way through around 50 fights. This is time-consuming, but it's still by far the fastest and easiest way to level up and reap all the rewards that offers.

Cheers to the Injustice reddit for surfacing this handy technique. Here's how to do it:

  • First off, head to the Extras Menu, then Options, then Gameplay Settings. In here, raise the round time to 300 and the rounds to win to 2.
  • With two controllers synced, got to multiplayer versus. Pick the character you want to level up in the P1 slot.
  • In the P2 slot pick any low-health character. Aquaman, Black Adam, Braniac Cyborg, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Supergirl, Superman, Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman all have 1050 health by default at level 20 - the lowest in the game.
  • Head into match and annihilate P2 with your chosen character. Use the fastest moves you can - and if you want to make this time a little more useful, use it as combo practice, but remember to be fast.
  • With this method you should get 1000xp per fight, and you should see significant EXP gains.
  • It's important to set the rounds to as above because it increases your EXP gained, but if you just want wins rather than EXP for unlocking things related to a certain number of wins remember to drop the rounds to win to 1.
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