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The best GTA Vice City weapons - Ruger, combat shotgun, molotovs, and more

Chaos everywhere

If you want to help Tommy stay alive and regain his former glory, you’ll need the best weapons in GTA Vice City.

Some of these will likely be familiar if you’ve played later GTA games, but Vice City has a few unique gems of its own to cause havoc with.

Best heavy weapon in GTA Vice City - M60

Location: Buy from Phil’s Place after finishing Boomshine Saigon or keep after completing the Gun Runner mission

The Minigun might seem like a good choice for this, especially if you used it in San Andreas, but M60 outperforms it in a few ways. It takes fewer rounds to destroy large targets such as helicopters and has significantly better ammo capacity. You can walk and jump with this one and even switch to first person view to aim. If you’re tired of the Minigun, give M60 a try.

Best melee weapon in GTA Vice City - Katana

Location: Buy from North Point Mall after finishing The Chase

As in San Andreas, the katana is your best choice for melee weapons in Vice City. Sure, it’s not as exciting as the chainsaw, but you can run with it and perform decapitations, if you really want a gory kill.

Best thrown weapon in GTA Vice City - Molotov Cocktail

Location: At the Tacopalypse restaurant downtown

The Molotov is useful in multiple situations, particularly given Vice City’s fire immunity if you complete the Firefighter missions. As you’d expect, Molotovs cause a fiery explosion in a mid-sized area, setting enemies and pedestrians on fire and potentially ratcheting your wanted rank up to three stars in just one go.

Best handgun in GTA Vice City - Colt Python

Location: Buy from Downtown’s Ammu-Nation

Vice City is stingy with its handguns, but the Colt Python is the clear winner of the two. It’s one of the most powerful handguns in the 3D GTA games, though you’ll need to plan carefully before using it. That power results in high recoil, which means you can’t fire it while running.

Best shotgun in GTA Vice City - S.P.A.S. 12

Location: Complete Bar Brawl to unlock for purchase at Downtown’s Ammu-Nation

Assuming Rockstar keeps the S.P.A.S. 12, or combat shotgun, the same as in the original Vice City, it’s one of the best weapons in the game in general. This was a fully automatic shotgun in Vice City, but even without that, the S.P.A.S. can deal with most enemies in one shot and has impressive accuracy.

Best SMG in GTA Vice City - TEC-9

Location: Behind a house in Vice Point, across the bridge from The Well Stacked Pizza Co.

Vice City’s TEC-9 lets you run while firing and features larger ammo capacity. It might not be the strongest SMG, but it’s the most useful and easiest to use.

Best assault rifle in GTA Vice City - Ruger

Location: Ocean Beach Ammu-Nation after finishing Guardian Angels

There’s not much choice in Vice City’s assault rifles, since the M4 is more expensive and less powerful in this entry. Otherwise, the Ruger is a good assault rifle, but not a spectacular weapon overall.

Best sniper rifle in GTA Vice City - PSG-1

Location: Finish Shakedown, the buy at Downtown’s Ammu-Nation

Unlike its bolt-action counterpart, the PSG-1 goes through its seven-bullet clip at speed. It’s also one of the most powerful weapons in Vice City, capable of dispatching your foes and exploding unarmored vehicles.

The best weapons will only get you so far in GTA Vice City. You’ll also want the fastest cars and maybe a few GTA Vice City cheats to help along the way.

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