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How to get 6 star wanted level in GTA San Andreas

The road to the top is a dangerous one

If you want to get a 6 star wanted level in GTA San Andreas, you need to pull off the right crimes and maintain the pressure on the law.

However, GTA’s wanted system isn’t a straightforward climb to the top. You can instantly get a higher wanted level just by entering certain areas.

How to raise your wanted level in GTA San Andreas

The wanted level increases any time you commit several crimes in a row, such as attacking civilians, damaging property, or even just touching a police vehicle. The specific requirements for reaching the next star get more involved at higher ranks, but if you’re patient — and good at keeping away from the police — you can just keep committing small crimes to gradually raise the wanted bar.

Each stage of the wanted bar comes with a new set of threats to contend with. At level one, for example, police will chase you, and you get busted if they come in contact. At level five, the FBI replace the average beat cop, and it’s much harder to stay alive and free.

How to get 6 star wanted level in GTA San Andreas

You can immediately get a five star wanted level by entering area 69. The 6-star level requires you to just keep committing crimes, so normally you’d need to go harass some FBI agents or generally be a deadly nuisance. However, if you’ve completed Learning to Fly, you’ll find some tanks in Area 69 and can use one to destroy FBI cars. That adds significantly to your wanted meter.

The easiest way to bring the iron fist of the law down on CJ though, is to input the code bringiton on PC, or press Circle/B, Right, Circle/B, Right, Left, Square/X, X/A, Down on PlayStation or Xbox.

You could also use the Hydra to cause havoc. It’s the fastest plane in GTA San Andreas and would likely outrun the FBI choppers and anything else they throw at you. Or you can get the achievement by using one of GTA San Andreas’ many cheats to raise your level and avoid the hassle. One way to lower your wanted level after getting the achievement is driving around and behaving yourself, and taking a girlfriend on a nice date is a good way to do just that.

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