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Goldeneye 64 creator stages experimental "Aim for Love" in Nottingham this month

Martin Hollis, the director of Goldeneye 007 is set to stage an experimental new matchmaking game Aim for Love as part of this year's GameCity festival in Nottingham. Inspired by the myth of Cupid, Aim for Love has two players control cameras in a public square, singling out members of the crowd to "match" together, platonically or not. The camera's feeds are displayed on two massive screens, so to lend the whole thing an element of theatre as people react to their matches.

After being chosen, the couple will then ideally head up to the stage and select the next couple themselves. Hollis, who since creating Goldeneye back in 1997 has felt "fatigued" with the industry's focus on killing as a verb, is fascinated by the potential for emergent play.

"Imagine it's 5:30, work has finished, people are walking home or have finished their shopping. It's like that half-and-half psychological point in the day, when people are switching over from work mode into play mode.

"What people will notice when they come into the square is two very large screens, and then they'll notice there's a crowd pictured on each screen. And then they're on the screen -- and then they'll notice there's a cursor moving, and pointing at them, and they have been focused on by someone who is in the process of considering them, and who is potentially going to choose them."

People's reactions during this stage, as the couple on stage are considering who to select, are what Hollis is hoping will make the game interesting.

"It's almost more like a TV show, or theater. A massive challenge in the design of this thing is forecasting people's behavior."

Thanks, Gamasutra.

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