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Ghost of Tsushima Materials - where to get more supplies, predator hides, iron and steel

The most useful equipment requires the most skilled craftsmanship and plenty of materials

Despite having a whole new island to explore in Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PS5, the materials you need are always the same.

A dutiful samurai must always be prepared, and that means having the right materials to do the job. Scattered around Tsushima and Iki are Supplies, Wood, Cloth, and the different types of Metal used to improve your equipment.

Maintaining plentiful reserves of every type of research is crucial to your success in Ghost of Tsushima, so here’s how to stock up on everything you need.

Where to find Supplies in Ghost of Tsushima

While Supplies are probably the most common resource in the game, they’re also where you’ll likely experience the biggest bottleneck. The top tier upgrades require a large amount of supplies, and you’ll definitely need to do some grinding.

There are a few different ways to acquire supplies: With sticky fingers throughout the open world, defeating enemies, and by selling surplus resources to trappers.

Beating up bad guys is probably the least effective way to collect supplies, so it’s not recommended to grind that way.

If you want to maximize your efficiency collecting resources from the open world, grab the Charm of Inari from Arrow Peak Shrine in the southeast of the Act 1 map, near Archer’s Rise and Sakimori Overlook.

This charm gives you extra resources every time you collect some, so can add up quickly when you’re grinding.

Probably the easiest way to grab a large amount of extra supplies is to find a trapper at a survivor camp or town and sell them your unwanted materials. This could be iron or steel after you’ve finished upgrading the katana. Or more likely, linen once you’ve maxed out your favourite armour set.

You can quite easily net an extra 1,000 or so supplies by palming off your surplus cloth so consider it carefully.

Finally, you can also grab caches of 100 Supplies from Gift Altars at large towns. The Gift Altars refresh with more items when you complete Tales, so if you're short and don't want to grind, try going and completing a few side stories first.

Where to find Predator Hides in Ghost of Tsushima

If supplies are the most plentiful resource, then Predator Hides are the rarest.

You can only collect these in small quantities from the floofy Bankhar dogs that you find with groups of Mongols, wild boar, and in larger amounts from bears.

If you shoot deer, they don’t drop anything.

Really, the only advice to collecting more Predator Hides is to equip the Charm of Inari we mentioned above and circle wooded areas on the map on a bear hunt. You tend to find them mauling Mongols, while boar appear in groups of three which run away when you attack.

Where to find Iron, Steel, and Gold in Ghost of Tsushima

You’re going to want a lot of metal in Ghost of Tsushima, because it’s used to upgrade your primary weapons.

To collect it most efficiently, look for Mongol Territory on your map, which is shown with red markers.

Smaller camps tend to reward you with a cache of iron and later steel, while strongholds dish out the gold you’ll need for the best enchantments. As well as the basic reward for completing the location, be sure to scour the tents and stockpiles you see at these invader settlements.

As well as supplies, you’ll find plenty of both iron and steel laying around which will help you to get closer to your goal.

If you’re struggling to find Mongol Territory, you have two options. At safe towns, you’ll sometimes see citizens with speech bubbles above their heads. Talk to them and they’ll point you in the direction of a point-of-interest on your map.

Second, as you venture around the island you’ll encounter bands of Mongol soldiers escorting prisoners. Rescue the captured civilian and they’ll mark the Mongol stronghold they were unlucky enough to be captured walking past on your map. These encounters appear reasonably often.

Where to find Flowers in Ghost of Tsushima

Picking flowers can be slow going, especially when you really want that sword kit or armour dye. But there are a couple of things you can do to make things go easier.

First, flowers tend to grow near bodies of water in the open world, and especially in population centres and towns. But the easiest thing to do is to go into your map screen and set the guiding wind to target the closest flower bed - simple.

Where to find Bamboo, Yew Wood, and Wax Wood in Ghost of Tsushima

Bamboo and yew wood shouldn't give you much trouble to find throughout the forests of Tsushima. Both appear regularly as you meander around the open world. Wax wood on the other hand, is only gained from marked shrines on your map.

Something to know about these shrines is that on top of the wax wood you get for completing the shrine, there is always an extra plant to find growing somewhere at the summit. Make sure to look around before you descend.

Where to find Linen, Leather, and Silk in Ghost of Tsushima

Unless you’re trying to max out every single set, you’re unlikely to need extra linen and leather throughout your journey.

However, if you come up short, simply divert your attention to the side quest Tales of Tsushima which dot the landscape. These short stories often dole out a cache of fine cloth at the end, especially the character driven ones involving Sensei Ishikawa and Lady Masako Adachi.

For more on Ghost of Tsushima, here are our maps of where to find every Fox Den, all of the Hot Springs, as well as every Bamboo Strike in the game.

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