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How to take down the Golden Wolf Lord in Genshin Impact

The Shadows Amidst Snowstorms update has added a brand new world boss to take down. We've broken down how to go about taking down this flying fluffy boy without breaking a sweat.

If you’re like me, you’ve been picking away at Genshin Impact ever since the Version 2.3 update went live (yes, even during lunch breaks). While we may not have any story content quite yet, we are able to take on a brand new world boss - the Golden Wolf Lord.

This is a god doggo to challenge even Andrius up in Mondstadt, but he might be a serious threat to those who aren’t quite sure how to take him down. To help out, we’ve created this guide to take you through everything you need to know about the Golden Wolf Lord fight, so you can take them down with ease.

Genshin Impact Golden Wolf Lord - Preparation

Before you even go to fight the Golden Wolf Lord, there are a few steps you can take to make the fight far easier than if you jumped in unprepared.

The first thing to note is the Golden Wolf Lord is vulnerable to geo attacks, so be sure to use as many geo characters as you have! If you’re a free to play player you’ll likely just have Noelle available, so bring them along if you’ve upgraded them. You should also head over to Liyue and align The Traveller with geo, as having another source of geo damage can come in handy if Noelle gets eliminated.

The boss can deal a lot of damage, so remember to bring healing food with you if you’re going to take him on for the first time. Also, the boss applies bleed to any character it hits, so maybe cook yourself up some food that boost defensive stats like Fisherman’s Toast and Jewelry Soup.

Finally, make sure you’ve started the “Through the Mists” quest before you head off to take on the boss. If you haven’t. you won’t be able to pass through the mists to reach them!

Genshin Impact Golden Wolf Lord - Phase one

For the majority of the fight the Golden Wolf Lord flies around above you, leading to lots of downtime where you can’t deal melee damage. As such, having some ranged characters is worthwhile as it allows you to attack it constantly.

It’s also worth mentioning that Overload elemental reactions deal a good amount of damage to this boss, so if you’ve got Amber and Lisa (or other applicable characters from Wish banners) pumped up in levels and upgrades you can still smash through the Wolf Lord’s health bar even while it’s floating around.

The main goal you have during the fight is dodging the boss’ attacks until it’s vulnerable, which will happen after it throws out one of its powerful attacks! Here is everything the Golden Wolf Lord can throw at you, and how to avoid it:

  • Ranged Spirit Wolves - As the boss flys around out of reach, it will occasionally summon smaller wolf head projectiles that will shoot towards you. These are fairly easy to avoid, just keep the boss in sight and dodge out of their way.
  • Laser Beam - The boss can shoot a giant laser beam out of its mouth in a slow-moving frontal cone towards the player. You can spot this attack coming as the boss will rear back, before firing his laser to the player’s side. To avoid getting hit, either run around the boss away from the beam, or dodge through the projectile. After this attack, the boss will fall over exhausted, which is your time to strike.
  • Tail Swipe - When the player stays too close to the boss it can react by swiping its tail across the ground around him, damaging those in the surrounding area. If you want to stay safe from this, be sure to retreat away from him as he’s making his way back into the air following his vulnerability state.
  • Tornado - This is probably the most dangerous attack the boss has, due to the large amount of damage it deals and how difficult it is to get away from. The boss will surround itself in a large tornado and pursue the player, hitting them if they get close repeatedly. You wanna avoid having one of your characters getting knocked out? Run like hell around the perimeter of the bosses’ arena until they get knackered out and fall to the ground. This is another chance to let loose.
  • Geo Ground Splash - A vast attack that hits most of the arena, the boss will dive into the ground at the centre of the circular patch you fight him on. This deals damage to those caught in the centre as you’d expect, but watch out! Immediately following this, areas around the edge of the arena also become dangerous. To avoid getting hurt, run up to the grassy edge of the arena to avoid it completely.
  • Ground Charge - The final attack the Golden Wolf Lord has in his first phase. They will land on the ground and quickly charge towards the player, dealing a decent chunk of damage you should watch out for. You can see this attack coming as the Wolf Lord will be knocking up dirt in its proximity as it moves, so just be sure to dodge out of the way when it dashes towards you. Afterwards, the boss is free to attack, so go nuts!

Genshin Impact Golden Wolf Lord - Phase two

At the 75% mark, the boss will transition into their second phase, gaining a large shield you’re unable to break through. This is the main reason we bring geo characters to the fight, as to bring down this shield we need to destroy three wolf turrets around the arena, all of which are only hurt with geo attacks.

This phase is simple enough, just make your way around to each head and destroy it while keeping an eye out for any attacks the Golden Wolf Lord throws your way. The turrets also shoot out slow moving blue projectiles that can catch you off guard, so be sure to watch out for those too.

Once all three turrets are destroyed, the boss will become vulnerable again, so you can go back to chipping away at that health bar.

That’s basically the fight! Once the boss returns to his first phase, it’s a standard fight all the way until the end. The boss can prove a pain for those who haven’t invested much into their geo characters, or struggle to avoid some of those peskier attacks like the tornado, but once you get your head around the Wolf Lord’s attacks it’s pretty much a breeze.

We’ll be covering the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms update as new events are phased in, but in the meantime be sure to check out our look at all the new features coming in Genshin Impact version 2.3, as well as our early look at the new characters Shenhe and Yun Jin.

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