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Genshin Impact Chouji: Treasure mentioned by Chouji, secret achievement, and more

The Genshin Impact Chouji quest chain is a simple one in theory, but potentially holds a few frustrating bugs that keep you from progressing.

Once you've gathered more Crystal Marrow than you ever wanted to see, make sure to keep track of Chouji anyway. There's a secret achievement involved if you follow his story through to the end.

Genshin Impact Chouji | Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away

Chouji first wants you to collect 12 Crystal Marrow for him. Fortunately, Yashiori Island is awash in Crystal Marrow, so you don’t have much wandering to do before you find some. The image below shows where you can gather 12 (and more) Crystal Marrow near the mine.

Genshin Impact Chouji | Obtain the treasure mentioned by Chouji

Obtain the treasure mentioned by Chouji should be simple, but it has a few issues right now. Progress might be bugged in two ways, and there’s no way of knowing if it’ll affect you.

The treasure is near Chouji, near a tree and statue at the edge of a cliff. Normally, you should be able to investigate the area and find the items. If it glitches, though, you won’t get the option to investigate and will have to wait until the server refreshes to try again.

If you do get the treasure, speak with Chouji again at the time indicated in the quest description. Normally, you’ll be sent off to gather more Crystal Marrow and push the quest forward. However, it could reset the quest completely. You’ll need to wait for the server refresh to hopefully fix this as well.

Genshin Impact Chouji | Share the dish you made with Chouji

After finding more Crystal Marrow, you’ll need to make a new dish. Chouji gives you the recipe for imported poultry, and you probably have the ingredients for it already.

  • 4 Fowl
  • 3 Lavender Melon
  • 2 Flour
  • 2 Bird Eggs

Lavender Melon grows near the mine, so you can grab a few if you don’t have them.

Genshin Impact Chouji | Solve Chouji’s problem

The next step is straightforward as well. Head to the shrine marked on your map, and summon an Electrogranum to pass through the barrier.

Chouji’s quest ends when you return, but you shouldn’t be too eager to leave the pint-sized scammer behind.

Genshin Impact Chouji | Chouji secret achievement

The next server refresh day, speak with Chouji again. He’ll want 12 more Crystal Marrow, then he sets out for Kannazuka Island.

Catch up with him in the area marked below. This time, he doesn’t want anything other than a chat. Speak with him, then open the Exquisite Chest behind him.

Now travel to the northern Inazuma City waymarker. Go past the crafting station, and head to the small shrine past the bridge. Chouji is there with a Precious Chest this time. Speak with him, and he finally departs on his journey, which means you can grab the Precious Chest and earn the secret achievement.

If you're looking for another world quest to finish, tackle the Sacred Sakura Cleansing world quest to delve even deeper into Inazuma's lore. Or if you need to unwind and take in the scenery, hunt down some Sakura Bloom and Naku Weed to kickstart your Ayaka and Yoimiya Ascensions.

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