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Fortnite Season 2 Henchmen Guide: How to open ID Scanner doors and chests, find keycards

New in Fortnite Season 2 are henchmen and Agent bosses. These NPCs on the map behave similarly to the First Order Troopers we saw in the Star Wars crossover event for The Last Skywalker. They also bring a new ID Scanner locked door and chest mechanic with them to the game.

Instead of the First Order though, the henchmen and bosses are linked to the mysterious Shadow and Ghost organisations which have invaded new locations on the Fortnite map.

Once you enter these locations, you'll be able to fight against the new enemies and claim unique rewards.

Where to find Henchmen in Fortnite

You can find Henchmen in all of the new points of interest on the Fortnite map. These are:

  • The Shark
  • The Agency
  • The Grotto
  • The Rig
  • The Yacht

Henchmen have a small amount of shields and around 100 health. When they go down, you'll be able to initiate a shakedown, which gives you a Scanner which points towards enemies and chests in your vicinity.

You can also carry the henchmen once they're knocked down. When they're in this state, deal some more damage to them for a loot drop.

How to open ID Scanner doors and chests in Fortnite - Phone Booths

Along with the henchmen, there's a new mechanic in the organisation bases: ID Scanner locked doors and chests. Normally when you walk up to these you're given the option to "scan yourself", but they won't open.

To open an ID Scanner locked Door in Fortnite, you need to knock down a henchman and press the prompt to "carry" them. Now go over to the ID Scanner locked door and scan them instead of yourself. It will now open!

You can also find red phone booths around the new areas which disguise you as either Ghost or Shadow spies. Using these also lets you open ID Scanners.

Where to find Agent bosses and get keycards to open vaults in Fortnite -

The Agents or bosses seem to be extra tough henchmen who not only take a lot more damage, but give you unique rewards. They can be found in the different bases around the map. Once you defeat one, you will get their special weapon, as well as a keycard to open that area's vault. For example, The Shark has the Shark keycard, and The Grotto has the Grotto keycard.

Once you've got these, the hidden vault - which is stuffed with awesome loot - will be marked on your screen to open if you equip the keycard from your inventory.

The easiest way to track down these leaders is to knock down a regular henchman, then shake them down. The Agent's location will be marked with a red crown.

Here are all the ones we've found so far!

Brutus - Grotto Keycard - Location: The Grotto

In the far east of the map you'll find Brutus on the 2nd floor of The Grotto. Jump or glide down the silos to find him! Downing Brutus lands you a unique weapon: Brutus' Minigun - it's legendary rarity.

You also get the Grotto Keycard which opens all of the doors in the area, as well as the hidden vault with tons of loot!

Midas - Agency Keycard - Location: The Agency

We found Midas hanging around the staircase on the eastern side of the agency building.

Once he's down he'll drop Midas' Golden Drum Gun, then the vault in over on the northwestern side of the building on the bottom floor.

Skye - Shark Keycard - Location: The Shark

We've that Skye can drop both Skye's Assault Rifle and Skye's Grappler instead of just the Shark Keycard. She's found underground in the centre of The Shark area, in the rooms you can see from in the mouth of the shark-shaped rock formation.

Meowscles - Yacht Keycard - Location: The Yacht

Meowscles is found in his own room near the top of The Yacht. Land on the top deck and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding him. When downed Meowscles drops his Peow Peow Rifle and the Yacht Keycard.

Equip the Yacht keycard to find the vault on the bottom deck.

TnTina - Rig Keycard - Location: The Rig

You can find TnTina and the Rig Keycard in front of the northwestern strut of The Rig. The building she's stood in front of is marked with a 3. She drops TnTina's KaBoom Bow - yep, they actually brought the Boom Bow back.

For more on what's new in Fortnite Season 2, check out the new skins like Meowscles and Maya, here.

As well, you can take a look at the new Season 2 map changes, with new points of interest, here.

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