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Final Fantasy 14 The Dark Inside - Zodiark boss fight and attack patterns

The not-quite-ultimate boss fight

FF14 The Dark Inside is a lengthy fight against a terrible foe, and if that’s not a giveaway already who it is, just don’t read further.

It’s a very spoiler-y fight that’s been years in the making. If you’re ready to move on and don’t mind knowing what’s ahead, you’ve got quite the battle in front of you.

FF14 The Dark Inside Phase 1 - Zodiark fight

This phase pits you against Zodiark himself, and like other Trial fights throughout the expansions, you can fall off the arena. So don’t do that — or at least keep it in mind. Zodiark takes up a significant portion of the stage’s northern edge, but you can usually play it safe in the middle.

Here’s what to expect from the battle.


Zodiark uses this attack as soon as the battle begins. It’s inescapable and reduces the party’s HP to 1. There’s a follow-up attack, but it always leaves you with enough time to heal first. He’ll also use this on occasion during the fight’s second phase.


Zodiark fires a beam of light to one side of the arena, and the nature of the attack changes based on what happens next. If a triangle appears, the beam of light will move to the two opposing corners of the arena (making a triangle), so stand to the side of the original shape.

If a square appears, move to the opposite side of the arena, as the entire side the square is on will be engulfed by the attack.

The beam for the triangle is always purple and has a blue rune at the target spot, while the beam is red for the square, with a pink rune. In the first phase, Zodiark uses triangle and then square every time, though the pattern is random in phase two.


This one doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it targets the one unit with the highest aggro.


This is another one that covers a big chunk of the arena. Zodiark summons either behemoth mechs or snake mechs, both of which affect the arena in different ways. The behemoths attack one quadrant of the arena, while the snakes’ attack unfolds in two lines across the arena. During the first phase, he’ll spawn behemoths in the northwest followed by snakes in the southeast.


It’s a straightforward attack that comes in from the left and right sides. Safe zones include the front and back of the arena.


Continuous waves of AoE attacks

FF14 The Dark Inside Phase 2 - Complete Control

Zodiark assumes a fallen angel form and gains the ability to rotate the arena for one attack.

Astral Flow

This is used in conjunction with Paradeigma. You’ll see arrows appear indicating which direction the arena will move in, and it’s always a quarter of a circle. Keep that in mind because Zodiark’s attacks hit right after the rotation, meaning you don’t have time to relocate after the arena turns.

Triple Esoteric Ray

Three portals of light appear. One will fire first, followed by the remaining two, so just keep moving to dodge their beams.


This is a powerful knockback attack that strikes one quadrant and pushes anyone affected off the arena, where they’ll die. Zodiark will perform this attack in the front left or front right corner of the arena, so move to the corner opposite him to stay safe.

Astral Eclipse

Zodiark flies above the stage in a clockwise pattern and unleashes AoE attacks based on constellations. The patterns are mapped out on a 3x3 grid and will be in one of three shapes:

A zigzag with an attack in the southwest and northeast corners, plus three across the middle of the arena An attack with AoE circles in each corner of the arena An attack in a cross pattern, where only the corners of the arena are safe

Trimorphos Exoterikos

Three Exoterikos attacks in succession

Zodiark might be the ultimate foe, but his fight is far from the end of FF14 Endwalker. One upcoming quest might give you a bit of trouble as well, Secret in the Box — that is, assuming you can even log in and get past the long queues, a side effect of the game's exceptional popularity and profitability.

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