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Far Cry Primal Beast Master Hunt - The Bloodfang Sabertooth

Tame the Bloodfang Sabertooth.

This guide will help you to complete the Bloodfang Sabertooth Beast Master Hunt in Far Cry Primal. This includes taming the Bloodfang Sabertooth, making it available as a companion, which will unlock the Here Kitty trophy for the PS4, and achievement of the same name on the Xbox One and PC.

In order to access the Bloodfang Sabertooth Beast Master Hunt you must progress quite far in the Far Cry Primal story. This involves recruiting NPCs to join your village, and then completing the quests that they give to Takkar. When a map icon for the Bloodfang Sabertooth Beast Master Hunt appears close to your home cave, where you first met Sayla, the quest is available.

Bloodfang Sabertooth Hunt

To begin, locate the Bloodfang Sabertooth Hunt icon on your map and begin making your way to that location. If you have a fast travel point nearby, feel free to use it. When you arrive, look up, and then use your Grappling Claw to access a cave entrance high above the ground.

Explore the Cave

The cave is a dangerous place. Besides the Bloodfang Sabertooth, you can fall off quite a few ledges if you aren’t careful. Equip your club for the first part, igniting it to light the way as you travel toward the way point on your map. This will eventually lead you to an area where you have to rappel down, and then climb back up soon after. It’s about now that you’ll begin to hear the grunts of your prey, and soon after, a cut scene will interrupt your progress.

Track the Bloodfang Sabertooth

Follow the blood trail left by the Wenja that the Bloodfang Sabertooth dragged away. You can use your Hunter Vision if you’d like, but it’s fairly easy to see. There is a lot of blood. When you find the Wenja’s body, investigate it, concluding that the hunter died slowly.

The blood trail will end, but you can use your Hunter Vision to follow the tracks of your prey. This will lead you to the Ring Wall Outpost. If you haven’t defeated it, do so now using your Owl. If you have cleared it out already, rappel to the ground level and investigate the Udam mask nearby. You can spot it with your Hunter Vision if you can’t already see it.

Get back to following the blood trail and tracks, using Hunter Vision as you need it. You’ll reach the body of one of the Udam, which you will also have to investigate. You’ll repeat this process until you discover a Campfire and use your investigative skills to determine that the Bloodfang Sabertooth is sick.

You don’t want the old tracks, so rappel down a Grapple point and into the valley. If you continue to examine the path with your Hunter Vision as you go, you’ll find more Bloodfang Sabertooth tracks to follow.

Speak to the Wenja Hunter

If you have a Cave Bear, call it to your side at this point. Continue to use your Hunter Vision to follow tracks and investigate, taking note of the tutorial on how to create Great Beast Traps. You’ll see spots on your map where you can place a trap, and you should use your resources to do so. After this, move forward to the objective marker and chat with the Wenja hunter. He’ll tell you to sleep until night, so go ahead and do so.

Hunt the Bloodfang Sabertooth

When you wake up you’ll see more icons for traps that you can place. Approach these icons and place the traps to progress forward.

This objective is slightly misleading, as the Bloodfang Sabertooth is likely to hunt you. This is where your Cave Bear will come in handy, as it is going to defend you from all attackers. When this happens, turn your attention to the distracted Bloodfang Sabertooth, hitting it with as many Spears as you can carry. If you have said Spears fully upgraded, this will increase the damage to your prey, which should be displayed in the form of a health bar on your screen.

When you do enough damage, the Bloodfang Sabertooth will flee toward its den. Chase it with your Cave Bear, attacking it when you can. If it’s on the move, don’t throw a Spear. You’re going to need a lot to win this fight, and you don’t want to be losing any on the ground. Every Spear you throw needs to hit its target here.

When you reach the Bloodfang Sabertooth’s den, move forward and set traps as you can. Again, you’ll become the prey and get attacked, but a Cave Bear with full health should help you. It’s close quarters, so think about jabbing the Sabertooth Bloodfang with your Spear instead of throwing them. It does less damage, but you can hit the beast more often, and you don’t lose a Spear each time you attack.

When the Bloodfang Sabertooth falls, look close at your prey for the option to tame it. Do so and you’ll unlock the Here Kitty trophy, and you’ll be able to call the Bloodfang Sabertooth to act as your companion during your journey through Oros.

To see how this is all done, you can also watch the PS4Trophies video that we’ve embedded here. As always, Brian does a fantastic job of showing you all the components required to complete this task.

To take care of more of your Far Cry Primal needs, visit USgamer’s Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide.

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