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Fallout 76 Faction Rewards - Who to pick for the Chinese Stealth Armor and Gauss Minigun

The release of Fallout 76’s Wastelanders DLC has reinvigorated the tired landscape. But with new life comes fresh competition, division, and jostling for precious resources. Here are all of the Fallout 76 Faction Rewards you receive for throwing your lot in with the Settlers or the Raiders.

To begin the Faction questlines, you need to be at least Level 20, so try going through the Wayward quests like Hunter for Hire and Strength in Numbers to gather some XP.

At this point, you’ll be eligible to receive an important mission from the former Overseer of Vault 76 - a new main questline, in fact.

During the course of these quests - as well as daily missions - you’ll be able to align yourself with the groups of raiders and settlers you might have already encountered while wandering the wasteland. They tend to be seen meandering in groups, or battling each other between named locations.

Either way, at the summation of the main quest you have to choose either the Settlers or the Raiders - so here are all of the reputation rewards to help you pick.

This data was mined from the game and reported on YouTube by TYR:

Each faction has two merchants who will sell you gear depending on whether you are “Cautious”, “Friendly”, “Neighborly”, or “Ally” status with a group.

Fallout 76 Settlers Faction Reward - Chinese Stealth Armor

While there is higher tiered equipment to buy, the Chinese Stealth Armor - which gives you a Stealth Boy effect when crouched - is the real headliner.

Fallout 3 fans will remember the set from the seminal series entry’s first DLC pack: Operation Anchorage.

The items - which are all plans - are as follows:

Fallout 76 Settlers Faction RewardsReputation Tier NeededMerchant
Cattle ProdCautiousSamuel
Farmable Dirt TilesFriendlySamuel
Grocer's Backpack ModFriendly Samuel
Gauntlet Shock PadsFriendlySamuel
Bow ModsFriendlySunny
Crossbow ModsFriendlySunny
Water WellNeighborlySamuel
Chinese Stealth ArmorNeighborlySamuel
Chinese Stealth HelmetNeighborlySamuel
Turbo-Fert FertilizerAllySamuel
Gauss Shotgun + All ModsAllySamuel
Compound BowAllySunny
Compound Bow ModsAllySunny

Fallout 76 Raiders Faction Reward - Gauss Minigun

If you’re all-in on Big Guns, then the Raiders have a little friend you will want to get acquainted with - as well as an interesting machine to keep it stocked.

The Gauss Rifle in Fallout 3 also hailed from the Operation Anchorage DLC, but in 76, there’s a devastating minigun version.

At the higher tier, there’s an ammo printing machine which keeps you dishing out the damage.

The rewards - which again are all plans - are here:

Fallout 76 Raider Faction RewardsReputation Tier</strong<Merchant
Dynamite BundleCautiousMortimer
Chemist's Backpack ModFriendlyMortimer
Floater Flamer GrenadeFriendlyMortimer
Floater Freezer GrenadeFriendlyMortimer
Floater Gnasher GrenadeFriendlyMortimer
Bow ModsFriendlyAeri
Crossbow ModsFriendlyAeri
AmCo Ammunition Construction ApplianceAllyMortimer
Gauss Minigun + All ModsAllyMortimer
Compound BowAllyAeri
Compound Bow ModsAllyAeri

How to get both sides’ Faction Rewards in Fallout 76

If you grind out dailies, you can actually get the faction rewards from both sides.

All you need to do is hold off on completing the full story, and grind out reputation building quests.

This way you can boost your standing with both parties, rather than lumping in with one or the other straight away.

For more on what's new in Fallout 76 - here's how to recruit companions, as well as a page on the new romance options.

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