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EVE Online player takes 400 billion ISK, disbands major alliance through espionage

More drama has occurred in EVE Online, the crazy, wild-west space MMO. The latest drama involves some sort of espionage, theft, and backstabbing. Sounds like my old high school.

I'll let PCgamesN explain it for you, as I am always baffled when trying to report what goes on in that game between the factions:

"A former leader in humongous Eve Online alliance S2N Citizens has exploited executive power to disband the group and make away with somewhere between 250 and 400 billion ISK.

"The thief had secretly joined Clusterfuck Coalition alliance Circle-of-Two, and been educated in the arts of corporate backstabbery by Goonswarm Logistics Director Xttz - veteran of another memorable Eve disbanding."

According to the report through the link, 33 stations will lose control of their homes until they can be reconquered; plus, due to EVE's War Declaration mechanics, the corps are locked out of alliances for a week.

However, SOLAR Fleet are moving in to "reclaim territory lost as a result of the jacking."

CCP should really start a TV show about this game. Wait, it's already doing that.

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